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clay art, large ancient Athena statue

Clay ancient Athena statue

bRONZE Ancient Athena Statue

bronze ancient Athena statue

Greek mythology Ancient Athena Statue Bronze gives you plenty of room for imagination

Greek mythology is still a favorite topic of conversation today. Fairy tales shine on us like a ray of sunshine in the sky. Myth is always so beautiful, so charming, let you into the fantasy of the world, and deeply attracted more people. Maybe you grew up hearing stories about Greek mythology. This also introduces you to the gods of Greek mythology. Such as the Zeus statue Bronze, Hera sculpture, and Poseidon sculpture… And some Greek heroes: Perseus sculpture, Hercules sculpture bronze, Achilles sculpture… There are countless heroes in Greek mythology. Now it is impossible for Aongking to see the face of these gods. But, people do it to honor them, to make them better remembered. Their faces were left to posterity through sculpture. Statues of Greek gods can be found in many places. Today, you will see the ancient Athena statue, the god of war. This is Piraeus Athena by Aongking finished, tall 100 cm (39.3 inches).

Classical ancient Athena statue lets you enjoy the charm of the god of war

Aongking finished ancient Athena statue is a classic bronze sculpture of a Greek goddess. Piraeus Athena in the sculpture is wearing a dressing gown that she wears every day, with ornaments slanted on her body, and war armor on her head. The muscles of her bare arms are perfectly lined. She holds out her right hand as if to shake yours. Even with the facial features of the Bronze statue of Athena, we can take the advantage of bronze material to the extreme and cast exquisite facial features. Our ancient Athena statue shows Athena’s form perfectly, letting you enjoy the charm of the God of War.

More Styles ancient Athena statue of the god of war

Ancient Greece is one of the sources of Western civilization. There was a literary civilization in that era, but the myths and characters of that era were also prosperous and were seen and heard by people. Speaking of the gods in mythology. The bronze ancient Athena statue is the goddess that people always remember immediately. A bronze ancient Athena statue stood in a solemn and graceful posture, with her right hand stretched out and her palms open. She wore a loose and flowing gown, covering her whole body, only showing her arms and feet. She has a shield (goatskin cloak) on her chest and Medusa’s face in the middle. She wears a Corinthian high helmet on her head, decorated with owls and lions.

Bronze Famous phidias athena parthenos

Famous phidias athena parthenos

full size bronze Athena sculpture

full size bronze Athena sculpture

Decorative detail of Athena sculpture

Decorative detail of Athena sculpture

Athena standing with shield bronze statue

Athena standing with shield bronze statue

The owl, the snake, and the olive can all be represented by the ancient Athena statue

Owls and snakes guarding the Knossos palace in Crete and the statue of the goddess holding a shield from the Mycenae period are some of the prototypes of the Bronze statue of Athena. Virgil described Athena as “the protector of the snake” in “Aeneas”. She also often appears with birds. In “Odyssey” Homer described that Athena can become a vulture. The goddess also became an owl and intervened in the war against the Persians. People believed that she helped them win the war. The olive branch symbolizes peace, and Athena became the patron saint of Athens because of the olive tree. A good ancient Athena statue of the goddess of peace Ernie is also Athena’s female companion, and they sometimes appear together.

In the standing ancient Athena statue bronze and some artworks. Athena wears an olive branch on her head. Athena is often depicted as an owl, a snake, an olive, and a basilisk. A magical pendant that displays the head of a mythical creature. Athena is regarded as one of the most powerful and graceful goddesses of the Greek pantheon. She is usually depicted with dark brown hair, olive skin, and stormy gray eyes. Her eyes were often compared to that of an owl’s because of the presence of shimmer in them. Strong and virginal, she repeatedly helped Hercules, the Greek mythological hero.

Do you want to put an ancient Athena statue in your home?

Aongking ancient Athena statue can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. First of all, you can put them in outdoor public spaces. Like in parks and squares. This will attract more people to come to see it because after all, this is also the faith of many people to be hopeful. In addition, you can also put it on the school playground, which will be the school mascot. Athena will give the students more wisdom. What’s more, you can put it in your garden and invite your friends to enjoy it. Anyway, this piece of art will fit in any space, as her charm continues to bloom. We can provide you with all kinds of sculptures of Greek gods. We can also customize any Bronze sculpture you want, as long as you put forward the requirements we will meet you. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact Aongking. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Sure, you can choose a carve nature solid marble Athena statue from Aongking Carving Department.