Bronze Mermaid Fountain

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mermaid water fountain

Aongking bronze mermaid fountain page has opened in 2022. In the past year. Aongking through continuous efforts. Completed many bronze mermaid sculptures. Many mermaid sculptures are used as fountain decorations. Testing the waters at the Aongking factory. The bronze mermaid fountain has streams of water shooting up from the water. Under colored lights. Make up different color patterns, beautiful and magnificent. Drew a crowd of onlookers. Also to buy the bronze mermaid fountain client handed in satisfactory work. The murmuring water, changeable myriad posture. This is the romantic style that the client wants to get. Put the bronze mermaid fountain sculpture at the entrance to the courtyard. The bronze mermaid fountain’s slick poster attracted the attention of neighbors and others. The mermaid fountain looks so beautiful and charming. Come and take one home.




302, 2021

A beautiful legend from the sea– mermaid sculpture

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A Beautiful Legend From The Sea--Mermaid In the mysterious vast ocean, in ancient mythology, there is a beautiful creature, that is, a mermaid. According to legend, the mermaid is bounded by the waist, most of which are beautiful women on the upper body, and beautiful fish tails covered in scales on the lower body. The whole body is attractive and easy to escape quickly. There are many legends about the mermaid. Some people say that the mermaid used her cold and beautiful appearance and sad and moving singing to confuse the passing boatman, distract him and lose [...]

2706, 2020

Bronze Garden statues of top 20 on Aongking for you choose

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Bronze garden statues of top 20 on Aongking for you choose The blooming of the flowers is always instant, the spring light in the full garden will slowly recede, the footsteps of summer will get closer and the flowers bloom, but after this prosperous feast, there will always be a scene of permanent existence in the garden, as time goes by With the scouring of wind and rain, it is more brand-new and more charming. This scene of scenery is the bronze garden statues that decorate the garden... When decorating the house, everyone prefers to decorate a garden [...]

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