Leopards can be said to be agile hunters, athletic, agile, fast running. He can swim and climb trees. Sensitive temperament, good sense of smell, hearing, and vision.Supernormal intelligence, strong concealment. The long tail helps the leopard keep its balance when it runs. It is also one of the few cats that can adapt to different environments. Wild art animal sculpture in the graceful and varied amorous feelings. There is also vigorous and vigorous power. Different from lace, hook flower, flow grain elegant retro. Aongking while making elaborate leopard statues. The same can be taken with the ancient Roman freehand. The bold, plain and lively atmosphere of the leopard is integrated into every detail of the production. In today’s fast-paced life. Use bronze leopard to decorate. Take life back to nature. Aongking a lot of wildlife sculptures with a vigorous European perspective, there is no lack of exquisite atmosphere. There is dignity in the magnificence. Bronze materials chemical heat coloring gives animals every inch of their fur. With warm tones of light. As if through the ancient forest. Will natural amorous feelings come to you tirelessly. The animal sculpture is exquisite to the bone. It is the attitude of Aongking craftsmen towards works of art. It is also the best interpretation of high-quality products.


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