golf sculpture

Golf sculpture is a kind of modern body artwork with golf as the theme. They are usually made of copper(bronze/brass). More of a golfer’s movement and posture. Golf sculptures are usually placed on golf courses or parks, providing a space for visitors and golfers to rest and watch. Some golf sculptures can be large and serve as landmarks for golf courses. There are also life-size sculptures that can be placed on golf greens as art decorations. Golf sculptures, big and small, are our way of paying tribute to the game and its history.


bronze golf statue
golf garden ornaments

Golf Garden Ornaments

golf statues for the yard
vintage golfer statue

Vintage Golfer Statue

bronze golfer statue

Bronze Golfer Statue

golf lawn Statues

Golf Lawn Statues

metal golfer sculpture

Metal Golfer Sculpture

outdoor golf statues

Outdoor Golf Statues

Caddie sculpture

Caddie Sculpture

Golf Ball Sculpture

Golf Ball Sculpture

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Large Golf Statues For Sale

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Outdoor Garden Golf Statues Of Frog