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Bronze horse from clay mold

Aongking delivers all kinds of life-size wild and domesticated bronze horse sculpture. And, large bronze horse decoration from the most famous garden all over the world. Every horse design from foal statue to yearling statue, colt statue to filly statue, mare to the stallion, Arabian horse… We’ve already done that. Our selection of over 100 kinds of bronze horse sculptures products. There is always a suitable for your style. Our bronze horse sculptures can custom made in size, fashion, and color depending on your preference. If you have your own design of a horse from a picture, 3 D file, painting, and so on. We can custom made it for you.

Show your best corner forward with a new bronze horse sculpture. Whether your after bronze skeletal sculpture, metal horse head, horse gait, trot artwork… Aongking selection of bronze horse sculptures will instantly elevate any decorated site as a focus.

You will be realized the art of horse sculptures from the unique on here. Consult us and got your preference with good horse details and durable material.
You can find more bronze horses on the professional animal sculpture website.


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