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Bronze horse sculptures

Aongking delivers all kinds of hot and current collection of life size wild and domesticated horse sculpture and horse artwork furniture from the most famous garden all over the world. With every horse design from foal statue to yearling statue, colt statue to filly statue, mare to stallion, arabian horse… We’ve already done that. Our selection of over 1000 kinds of horse sculpture products, there is always a suitable for your style. Our horse statue sculpture, can custom made size, materials and style. If you have own design from a picture, 3 D file and so on. We can custom made design depends on your prefer.

Show your best corner forward with a new sculpture of horse. Whether your after bronze skeletal sculpture or metal head of horse, horse gait or trot artwork. Aongking selection of horse sculptures will instantly elevated any decorated site as a focus.

Realized yourself artistic of horse sculptures from the unique. Consult us and got your preference with a good details and durable material.



512, 2020

Lawn Statues

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More Lawn Statues Labrador Looking Up Dog Sculpture Stainless Steel Wallnut Leaf Choose A Fit Lawn Sculpture With Aongking For You Do you wondering what kind of statues to choose for your garden or outdoor lawn? We have a variety of lawn sculptures for you to choose from, you'll always find one that meet your needs. Or you can send us a picture of your garden or outdoor lawn where you want to put a schlpture, we can recommend the best sculptures for you according to the structure [...]

1311, 2019

Bronze horse head

November 13th, 2019|Categories: Animal Sculpture, Bronze Horse Sulpture Progects, Design|0 Comments

Bronze horse head. Creat many horse themed sculpture by Aongking. In recent years, we can often see many animal art metal sculptures in our daily life, among which bronze horse head sculpture is very common. Horses played a very important role, as the primary means of transportation, as comrades in arms on the battlefield... This is a simple image of a horse with its head straight down, creating the appearance of a relaxed animal sipping water. This drinking water bronze horse head for sale will attracted many visitors as an outdoor decoration. [...]

909, 2011

Commissioned custom made statue ( Start order and making clay mold )

September 9th, 2011|Categories: Animal Sculpture, Bronze Animal Statue Progects, Bronze Horse Sulpture Progects, Sculpture Knowledge|0 Comments

Clay Mold Of The Statue Aongking Sculpture very happy to make the statue for you. We really enjoy this work. You can entrust our company to make statues of specific poses and sizes according to your wishes. It will take weeks or months to make a statue. We can make small statues for you in your home. Or, office sculptures. Also, we can custom made larger pieces in public outdoor. Statues's material can be finished in bronze, fiberglass or stone. There is a whole process of custom a [...]