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Before the 20th century, all sculptures were personified, like people, animals or things, and could be seen in the real world. Sculptures were used to commemorate events such as wars, to depict famous people, or to decorate buildings. Most of the sculptures are casted out of stone or molded from clay and then cast in bronze. Many painstaking studies and preliminary models were done by the artists before they began the work of carving.

In the early 20th century, artists like Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brancusi began experimenting with different styles of art. They rejected the idea that all art must depend on forms like objects or things, and hoped to create a new form of art for the modern age. They have abandoned realism and then in favour of abstraction, in this way, their art is no longer connected with the real world themes. On one hand, some artists have explored the use of different materials, on the other hand, they are looking for ways to express their thought processes and emotions.

In this picture, you can see a large face on the grass. This abstract sculpture is located in Lake Toya. There are total of 58 sculptures have been arranged in the parks and along the footpaths that run along the shore. The sculptures are set in a natural green belt with the lake as the background, they appear to present different moods and “expressions”, depending on the weather and the time of year, showing a unique outdoor beauty. You can put it in the park, garden or outdoor square, I am sure that it will attract a lot of people to take photos and be attracted by his huge appearance and beauty. It will be a perfect outdoor sculpture park that would bring people and nature together.

An abstract sculpture, whether wall-mounted or in the round, can serve as an eye-catching, decorative focal point within an interior or exterior space as well as a stimulating conversation piece encouraging individual interpretation. When your friend comes to visit your house and sees such a beautiful abstract sculpture, he will be amazed at its beauty and will ask you about the origin of the sculpture and why you bought it, so you have more to talk about.

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