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Who made this Maillol Statue sculpture? Who Is Maillol And His Achievements

Maillol was a French sculptor and painter, he was an artist who was good at depicting female beauty, stable, mature, and with traces of classical art, he is the most important sculptor in the transition period between classical and modern Moore’s abstract sculpture. Aristide maillol sculptures. “The Mediterranean” is one of a series of sculptures in which he uses the female body as a metaphor for nature. He paid special attention to the volume sense of sculpture and the sense of the weight of the form, and the modeling language was summarized and refined, and he paid attention to the overall spirit. We also talked to our clients about the texture of the sculpture. We will meet all the requirements of our customers. His body sculptures are vigorous, and masterpieces such as “Air”, “River” and “The Cyclist” are considered to be unprecedented works. Of course, besides the statue of the Mediterranean, we also have his other most famous sculptures mentioned above.

“The Mediterranean” is Maillol’s first great representative work, it was the beginning of a series of monumental works. Why is it called the Mediterranean? Through the female nude, this work shows the author’s understanding of the Mediterranean Sea and the countries, people, and cultures living around the Mediterranean Sea, which is full of symbolism and philosophy. This sculpture was full of the ancient Greek spirit of art. If you are a fan of ancient sculpture, Maillol Statue art is also a good choice.

The Description Of the Mediterranean Statue from Maillol Statue

You can see a naked bronze woman sculpture from the Maillol Statue, her right hand supports her body, and her left-hand holds her bowed head in front, and her manner is reserved and serene. She is like sitting on the beach and bending her head in meditation. This Maillol Statue is called the Mediterranean, it is one of Maillol’s most famous works. The author intentionally reduces the small concave-convex surface of the human body, and the fluctuation of light and shade is very weak in natural light. The dignity of this great radian turn makes the human body appear smooth and plump, full of vigorous vitality. It is like the Mediterranean, although the surface is calm inside and contains infinite life and endless rhythm.

Maillol Statue bronze sculpture is placed outdoors, and the beauty of the statue melts into the beauty of nature. When people walk in the natural space and see this statue, they will naturally have the association of beauty, and thus increase their understanding of the statue. Sculpture can not only serve as a decoration. But also bring us a pleasant mood, which is the meaning of sculpture. We also have the marble sculpture of the Mediterranean for sale, you can according to your garden or other space choose different materials for the sculpture.

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Large Bronze Maillol Sculpture

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Maillol Of Woman Sculpture

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Grandeurs Nature Sculpture

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Bronze Mediterranean Sculpture