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The concept of bust sculptures refers to the use of realistic sculpture in the form of above the figure’s chest. It’s mainly to carve / casting the upper body of the figure, mostly used for casting copper, or marble material. Generally, it is used to sculpture the great man, portrait, celebrity statue and so on. Bust statues quite common in the former residence of the celebrity.

Bust statues are sculpted or cast representation of the upper part of the human body, depicting a person’s head and neck, as well as variable parts of the chest and shoulders. The decor of bust statue is usually a portrait, used to record a person’s appearance. But, sometimes it represent a type of sculptures. Bust statues have been a popular style of life-size portrait sculpture since ancient times, as a form that depicts a person’s most distinctive features with less work, less expense, and less space. For example, ancient bronze roman bust, famous art portraits in metropolitan museum, even our loved ones…

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