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About Us -Aongking Sculpture Supplier & Manufacturer

Aongking Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. (昂景). As a professional CUSTOM MADE sculpture supplier & manufacturer company with our own designers and caster, which has fully experienced artisans in casting and sculpting metal sculptures. Today, Aongking has five departments serving on the sculpture… ( Design department, casting department, engraving department, quality inspection department, and sales department)… You can find SGS verified.

There is a 30-year leading fine art sculpture exporter and supplier & manufacturer based in “The Sculpture Hometown of China” – Hebei Province. Over the past years, we have basically sold our products to local foreign trading companies and Chinese natives. Now, we established our own International trading department, to give export them to several countries around the globe service directly.

Aongking keeps focusing on Art Sculptures and Indoor & Exterior Decorative Sculptures, which mainly include 4 categories: Bronze Sculpture, Stone Items, Stainless Steel Sculpture, Resin & Fiberglass sculpture. Look forward to cooperating with you…

About Aongkig

1990-07: Aongking | 昂景.
+ The origin of the company’s name. The most important sculpture for the production of marble/stone carving.

+ During 1990-2010 career, Aongking finished 10000+ in a diverse range of Chinese local architecture commissioned marble sculptures.

woman fountain sculpture in Sunset red marble

2010-04: The first export sculpture.

+ The first export sculpture from Aongking. Use the proxy export. Aongking completes the first export. A woman fountain sculpture in Sunset red marble.

+ During Aongking’s 2010-2020 career, delivered 10+ materials and 200+ diverse styles range of China’s foreign trade company commissioned sculptures.

aongking Branding

2020-01 Registration Aongking:

Registration of company name. Officially named Aongking Technology Hebei Co., LTD. Aongking has established five departments serving on the sculpture… ( Design department, stainless steel department, casting department, carving department, and sales department)… “You name a sculpture, we can create a sculpture for you”.

+ During Aongking Sculpture supplier & manufacturer 2020-2022 career, delivered 1120+ diverse themes & designed customed sculptures and statues for hundreds of the globe’s private & public gardens, corporate businesses, artists, and collectors.


  • Business Type: Supplier & Manufacturer
  • Location: HeBei, China (Mainland)

  • Year Established: 2020 (Foreign Trade Sales Department)

  • Total Building Size: 15,000 Square meters

  • No. of Employees: 100-150

  • Capacity: 50 pieces/month

  • Main Products: Bronze sculpture, Stainless steel sculpture, Metal art sculpture, Marble Sculpture, Fiberglass Sculpture

  • Main Marketing: (1990-2020) China, (2020-future)the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea…
Kelly | President and Chief Executive Officer
Kelly | President and Chief Executive Officer
Sunshine | Sales Manager
Sunshine | Sales Manager
Lea| Creative Designers and Craft persons
Lea| Creative Designers and Craft persons
Jason | General Manager
Jason | General Manager