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Yoga art pose pause and make life better. Yoga statue can keep a wonderful moments of life experience of unity of body and mind. Every yoga pose sculptures from sport that episodic memory for where we quiet and free from distractions for ourselfe. If you got a customized yoga statue of yourself. We will do not regret that can’t take pictures that take moment photos without being objectified.

Yoga is free the body campaign because it supports freedom of body to be able to make their own decisions about their body. But, yoga statue is a artwork which freeze all the scenes in sport. Hope everyday we share every moment us can’t record and get the praise you deserve. All sport could be appreciated. By ourselves and others.


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1503, 2021

Yoga Bronze Sculpture

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More Yoga Sculpture Yoga Girl Statue Streching Body Sculpture The form of exercise that is less intense is yoga. Nowadays, in the rapid development of information technology today, more and more phubbing phenomenon, people appear more and more cervical problems. Exercise has become a necessary trend. There are so many ways to get exercise, you can run, you can go to the gym, you can play sports. Another form of exercise that is less intense is yoga. Yoga has become a way for many people to cultivate their bodies and [...]

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