children sculpture

Children’s sculptures are made of bronze which is treated to achieve the different customized details and to the provision of service below for you.

With Aongking premium bronze children sculpture range. We help to deliver secure seams and ‘Lost Wax Casting’ of children statues, ensuring a high-quality patina surface. And, superior copper design products till you confirmed.

For commissioned customized sculptures, innovative visualization customized solutions, and dependable 1:1 clay design for you. Aongking comes true your commemorative sculpture of children’s portrait or bust and so on. Children sculpture strong, durable, the appearance of patina and improve casting production professional degrees for bronze…

With Aongking sculpture 30 years of production experience design of children. And, technical support experience in more than 100 pieces completed. We can help you meet your life-size children or large-size children’s customized art needs… Children Sculpture Heaven


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