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512, 2020

Lawn Statues

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105, 2016

Outdoor Sculptures For Exhibition ( Different times, different styles )

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We are often overwhelmed by famous works of art. For example famous botero sculptures. You’re looking at right now is a bronze Betero sculptures. There showed a lot of his sculptures. We love its… The artist is probably the most popular artist in South America. You may recognize that his artistic features are characterized by the use of distorted proportions. The people and animals look a little embonpoint. We know this because we love its and have made its. A kind of artistic beauty.

Not many artists can claim to have an artistic style named after them. But, Botero’s work is different from many others, and his unique exaggerated proportions and way of creating interesting and surreal characters create work that somehow permeates and lives on in people’s memory.

Many people know Betero probably through his paintings in China. But, what really opens more people eyes is when you see his sculptures. As a famous works become more clear in the three-dimensional form than paint. We can touch its. Their monumental art charm and value can be finished large size or life size and custom size in Aongking sculpture. Every design can suitable anywhere. We know taht almost no one asked where the sculpture would fit before it was ordered.. Because, his sculptures are perfect for the outdoors such as parks, squares, home for people to view.

We are specialize in making the art sculptures.We have professional sculptors and good artist team with many years’ experience. You can asking more we finished designs by email. Our bronze Betero sculptures are lifelike, really good art, really accessible art can tell us something about ourselves just by looking at it. Whatever you want to say about this kinds of artwork. Just own it will trump all explanations of it. If you have any ideas, welcome to contact us!