large corten statues from Aongking

Corten steel material is a type of weathering steel that is known for its distinctive rusty appearance. The color of the surface of the large corten steel landscape sculpture is rust. Because of the protective layer, the Large Corten Steel Sculpture will not be corroded for a long time. We named it “weathering steel sculpture” The corten steel sculptures are also in line with the public aesthetic. So corten steel sculpture is widely used. The fine outdoor Large Corten Steel Sculpture is in line with the setting of the environment and environment. The surrounding environment, decorated with weathering steel sculptures, will also be improved. The weathering steel sculpture is also widely used in landscape architecture, screen walls, landscape bridges, step guardrails, public road signs, planting fish ponds, and other places. You can find more Corten Steel Sculpture.

Aongking Stainless Steel team finished corten steel sculpture can take many forms, from abstract geometric shapes to figurative representations of people, animals, or objects. Aongking stainless steel team artists can use various techniques to create the sculpture, including welding, cutting, bending, and shaping the steel. We also cold patina finished the ability to rust on its surface, which protects the steel from further corrosion. This natural rusted patina adds to the sculpture’s aesthetic and makes it stand out in outdoor environments. Corten steel sculptures are often used to make a bold statement and add a touch of contemporary design to any space.