Bronze Buddha Sculpture for Decoration

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Buddha sculpture from Aongking 1:1 clay

Bronze Religious sculpture for the right place. Aongking has a lot of custom-made Buddha sculptures. Browse our wide selection of bronze Buddha sculptures, and choose your favorite one. If you’re a Buddhist, you can buy one and put it in your home, worship it every day, and recite it. If you are a non-Buddhist, having a bronze Buddha sculpture in your home or workplace can serve as a frequently needed reminder of teachings that can be easily applied to your daily life. Thailand Buddha, Sitting Bronze Peaceful Buddha Statues, laughing bronze Buddha sculpture, giant Buddha sculpture… Show more on the Aongking Buddha sculpture shop.

Buddha originally refers to Sakyamuni, and later evolved as the general name of those who fully realize the truth. It is the term of Buddhism. Born Siddhartha in Nepal in 563 BC. Buddha was the son of King Shakyamuni and lived a prosperous, happy life. After witnessing suffering for the first time as a young man, he renounced his title and turned to asceticism. After he meditated under the linden tree, he finally attained enlightenment. It is said that during his meditation he was almost hindered by the power of temptation (Mara) and in order to persevere in his quest he placed his hand on the ground to let the earth witness his strength and commitment.

Understanding the rich history and images of Buddhist gods. And, their role in Buddhism will help us look for the Bronze Buddha Sculpture in the earliest Buddhist sculptures. Not as a human being, but as represented by symbols such as footprints or empty seats. The bronze Buddha sculpture often sees sitting cross-legged in a deep meditative state. The Buddha’s touch-to-the-ground meditative posture is based on the story of the Buddha’s enlightenment. We have a lot of bronze Buddha sculptures in different positions, both touching the ground and standing Buddha, whether you want to put it indoors or outdoors. You can find it here. Aongking is looking forward to hearing from you. You can find more marble Buddha statues

Size Bronze Buddha sculptures can range in size from small tabletop figurines to large-scale outdoor installations. The size may depend on the intended location and purpose of the sculpture.
Artistic Variation Bronze Buddha sculptures can showcase a range of artistic styles, from traditional and realistic to contemporary and abstract. Artists may infuse their unique interpretations and creative expressions into the design, resulting in diverse and distinct sculptures.


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