Natural animal battle—————Bear and eagle statue

The BBC publishes documentaries every year, and their best documentaries are about nature and animals. We can see the intentions of a team, they can always use a different perspective to reveal the cruelty of nature. In the mysterious nature, in addition to plants, there are many relationships, struggles, cooperation, and parasitism between animals. . . It is not only the lens that records the picture, but also our great sculpture artists. The battle between animals is lively and interesting, and we can not only see it from animal TV shows. You can also freeze the moment of a certain animal as an eternal sculpture, such as this bronze sculpture about natural animal battles, Bear and eagle statue.

outdoor bear and eagle (2)
Outdoor bear and eagle
outdoor bear and eagle (3)

How is the bear and eagle statue displayed?

This Bear and eagle statue is a classic show of the struggle between bears and eagles in nature. There is a base below the sculpture, which supports the sculpture and can be placed on the water or outdoor lawn. The picture shows a bear standing on two legs with a fish in its paws. At the same time, above the Bear and eagle statue is an eagle spreading its wings, with sharp claws clutching the fish tightly. The charm of Bronze is that it can cast the image to life. For example, the fur on the bear and each feather of the eagle are very textured, as if they are the same. The bear and eagle statue relates the relationship between the two animal sculptures, the body The ratio is very good, and the relationship between the air and the land is well connected. Only from the Bear and eagle statue, we can feel the fierce battle between them for a gun.

lifesize fighting bear and eagle statue
Bear and eagle sculpture detail
cute fighting bear and eagle statue
bear and eagle clay mold

How to cast a Bear and eagle statue?


First, we need to confirm the size and ratio of the Bear and eagle statue, and then make a 1:1 clay mold. The fur of Bear and eagle statue clay mold is very delicate. We will send the picture of the mud film to the customer and continue to modify it until the customer is satisfied.

Secondly, for casting, welding, and polishing the Bear and eagle statue, our workers are very professional in every step of the process of making the Bear and eagle statue. They have solid professional knowledge and decades of practical experience.

Third, color and complete the installation. The color of some sculptures themselves will be very beautiful, but more need to be sprayed with other colors to get close to the texture of the sculpture itself. Each part of the Bear and eagle statue will have a variety of similar color transitions to highlight the three-dimensional sense of the sculpture.

Finally, when the Bear and eagle statue is completed, we will put it in a container and ship it.

Other bronze sculptures related to Natural animal battle:

Life is endless and fighting is endless, but there are also many interesting interactions between animals. The photographer uses the lens to save the beautiful moments. As a sculpture company, we hope to inject our emotions for life and art into every piece of work. Not only the bear and eagle statue. There is also a bear and bull statue. Lion sculpture for battle, eagle sculpture for battle, deer sculpture for battle. . . Our sculpture artists will observe real natural animal battle scenes in films and pictures. Firmly grasp the relationship between them, design the model according to the proportion, and finally complete a bronze sculpture such as bear and bull statue. Putting these bear and bull statues in your garden for decoration, or in some public areas, will especially attract people’s attention. Of course, if you are a photographer, you can send us the scenes between the animals you commemorate. We aongking sculpture will customize unique bronze vivid sculptures for you.

famous bear and bull fighting statue

famous bear and bull fighting statue

bronze bear and bull fountain

bronze bear and bull fountain

garden fight deers

Garden fight deers statue

Bronze fight eagles

Bronze fight eagles

fighting lions

Bronze fighting lions statue

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Garden bronze bear sculptures

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Bronze Garden Bear

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West sculpture garden of bears

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Brass bear statue