Beautiful things always attract us to look twice at them. Beautiful things need us to have a pair of good eyes to find beautiful things, the same is true of beautiful sculpture. We can see all kinds of sculpture everywhere in our life. What kind of sculpture can attract your attention most? Can you find the beauty of sculpture? Manolo Valdez, the great artist’s sculpture, when you look at it you will be attracted to it.

Manolo Valdes is a Spanish artist living in New York who works in painting, sculpture and mixed media. He introduced to Spain a form of expression that combined political and social obligation with humor and satire. His works are majestic and powerful, decorated with historical artistic symbols. His sculptures combine art with reality. Drawing on art history and using unconventional materials, he has created his own distinct and unique visual language.

Butterflies around the head sculpture is also one of his typical works. One day, Manolo Valdes sees a woman basking in the sun with monarch butterflies hovering over her head. This image, along with the American Museum of Natural History’s Tropical Butterflies exhibit, because they have butterflies in their heads, ignited his inspiration. He was good at observing the landscape of life, so he created immortal works. Therefore, art comes from life. We have a lot of Manolo Valdez sculptures here, which are large works of art, suitable for your garden, yard or square. Let good art decorate your life!