fiberglass sculpture

Fiberglass sculpture is a new kind of handicraft sculpture. We can call resin sculpture. Not only the appearance color is rich. At the same time, the weight of the Fiberglass statue is relatively light, and the handling is relatively convenient. With the upgrading of urban development, the application of Fiberglass city statues is becoming more and more common. As a colorfully & low-cost artwork. Aongking and you’re favorite. Let’s work together on another piece of art that belongs to you. For example, Mosaic Statue Animal, fiberglass animal sculpture, the mold of food sculptures

Fiberglass sculpture is a medium for making other sculptures. In previous years, the bubble model was not popular. Fiberglass sculpture is a good way to retain the model. Its value is not only outstanding in model retention. Fiberglass statues cost less. Advantages of lighter weight and corrosion resistance. Occupy a major role in the market. It is also getting more and more novel in design and more and more advanced in technique. Conformity is placed in many places. Now in the city more eye-catching position. Some public places and some parks where more people often see a variety of fiberglass statues, beautiful and generous, artistic value.

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fiberglass horse

Fiberglass Horse

Big Boy Holding Hamburger life size fiberglass statue

Big Boy Holding Hamburger life-size fiberglass statue

art colorful lollopop home decoration fiberglass sculpture

art colorful lollipop home decoration fiberglass sculpture

life size religious figure sculpture fiberglass jesus statue

life-size religious figure sculpture fiberglass Jesus statue