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bronze figure statue

Looking for a custom-made bronze figure statue

Life-size bronze figure statue with real portrait bust statues. Whether your decorative outdoor garden or art gallery—or even a desktop or corner— a customized your own bronze design figure statue brings just the right amount of flair to your plenty of space. Customization is a good option for you. Here, customized a large commemorative sculpture and famous Greek portrait statue also lend added charm to any art aesthetic. Regardless of if you are finding a new decoration for yourself or give it as a gift, the variety of custom made will never disappoint from Aongking.

Not only have we collected some amazing bronze figure statues. But, these bronze figure statues we have shared were a suitable place to decorate the place. From the garden to the public place, each one shows a different value and characteristic. We hope you enjoy this guide and are inspired to discovering your own design soon. Connect Aongking


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2710, 2021

Shiva sculpture

By |October 27th, 2021|Categories: Bronze Figure Statue Progects, Bronze Rligious Statue Progects|0 Comments

Shiva sculpture We were brought up in fairy tales. The myth story seems to be a ray of sunshine in the sky lifelike shining on us, it seems to be a lamp lit in universal praise of our life, or like a spring to bring us sweet for nothing. You may have heard of various Greek myths and seen many statues of Greek gods. You enjoy listening to them even though you don't actually see them happen. Because myth is always so beautiful, so charming, takes you into the world of fantasy. Greco-roman myths are [...]

910, 2021

Ancient Athena Statue

By |October 9th, 2021|Categories: Bronze famous sculpture progects, Bronze Figure Statue Progects, bronze greek statues projects|0 Comments

Ancient Athena Statue More Athena Statues large ancient Athena statue bronze ancient Athena statue Greek mythology gives you plenty of room for imagination Greek mythology is still a favorite topic of conversation today. Fairy tales shine on us like a ray of sunshine in the sky. Myth is always so beautiful, so charming, let you into the fantasy of the world, deeply attracted more people. Maybe you grew up hearing stories about Greek mythology. This also introduces you to the gods of Greek mythology. Such as Zeus, Hera, Poseidon... And [...]

3107, 2021

Bear and eagle statue

By |July 31st, 2021|Categories: Animal Sculpture, Bronze Bear Sculpture Progects|0 Comments

Natural animal battle---------------Bear and eagle statue The BBC publishes documentaries every year, and their best documentaries are about nature and animals. We can see the intentions of a team, they can always use a different perspective to reveal the cruelty of nature. In the mysterious nature, in addition to plants, there are many relationships, struggles, cooperation, and parasitism between animals. . . It is not only the lens that records the picture, but also our great sculpture artists. The battle between animals is lively and interesting, and we can not only see it from animal TV shows. [...]

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