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bronze figure statues of aongking



903, 2021

Life Size Bronze Artemis Sculpture

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More Artemis Sculpture Artemis With Deer Artemis Bronze Statue Artemis is free and independent girl We always silently ask God to help us at the critical time. There are many gods in Greek mythology, the twelve gods are very famous in Greek mythology. If you are very interested in the Twelve Gods, you can check out the other twelve gods on our website. We have all made statues of the twelve gods. Artemis, also known as Cynthia, was the goddess of hunting in ancient Greek mythology, known as "the mistress [...]

403, 2021

Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture For Outdoor

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More Horse Sculpture Standing Bronze Horse Statue Elegance Bronze Cast Horse Sculpture Horses are also very popular in the sculptor world Artists have been drawn to the beauty and power of horses for thousands of years, from ancient Greek sculptures of horses to 18th-century paintings of military leaders on horseback. An artist may choose to depict the body of a horse in motion, a rider astride their mount, or even, simply create a sculpture of a horse's head. Horses are also very popular in the sculptor world. [...]

303, 2021

Large Bronze Themis Sculpture

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More Themis Sculpture Lady Justice In Ancient Greek Standing Themis Sculpture Themis.Her presence will bring you justice. In our daliy life, we all encounter unfairness of one kind or another. The society that seems more and more fair is actually full of all kinds of unfairness. But we still believe in justice, we believe in fairness. There may be a god of justice in this world. Like the Greek Goddess of Justice, Themis. Her presence will bring you justice. Themis, the symbol of law and justice, is one of the [...]

Looking for a custom-made bronze figure statue

Life size bronze figure statue with real portrait bust statues. Whether you decorative outdoor garden or art gallery—or even a desktop or corner— a customized your own bronze design figure statue brings just the right amount of flair to your plenty of space. Customization is a good option for you. Here, customized a large commemorative sculpture and famous Greek portrait statue also lend added charm to any art aesthetic. Regardless of if you are finding a new decoration for yourself or give it as a gift, the variety of custom made will never disappoint.

Not only have we collected some amazing bronze figure staute. But, these bronze figure staute we have shared where a suitable place to decorate place. From garden to public place, each one show different value and characteristic. We hope you enjoy this guide and are inspired to discovering your own design soon.