Luci di Nara

Luci di Nara sculpture was created by Igor Mitoraj.

A good work of art will surely attract more people to appreciate it. Good works of art not only have ornamental significance but also play a certain decorative role. We can often see many large sculptures in public places. Such as an abstract sculpture with a large face or a large head. We recently created this large bronze abstract face sculpture is one of the most famous works of art, Luci di Nara. It was created by Igor Mitoraj. Igor Mitolaje is a Polish artist and sculptor. He is known for his frequent sculptures of human fragments for large public installations and is considered to be one of the most internationally recognized Polish sculptors.

Igor Mitoraj is deeply rooted in the classical tradition of sculpting the broken or severed fragments of male forms, and his eye for theater is rooted in years of work designing sets and costumes for operas. His job is not to recreate what has already been done; he tries to shape the drama of life into a form we are familiar with. Using marble and bronze as his primary materials. Mitoraj created busts and heads from recognized mythological themes such as Eros Venus and Icarus. His works of art are all custom-made for you. His works were large and often displayed in public, resembling sculptures and objects that had withstood the wear and tear of time. His work has been described as one of the greatest sculptures of twentieth-century sculpture.

To prepare a beautiful face to meet the faces that you meet.

This huge abstract face sculpture can be displayed in public places, but you can also display it in front of a beauty salon. This huge sculpture perfectly represents the human face, The eyes, nose, and mouth are all very vivid. Put it in front of the salon and give you a beautiful face and refresh your face. Prepare a beautiful face to meet the faces that you meet. Let this great work of art give you a better-looking face. If you want more of Igor Mitoraj’s work, like his most famous work, Testa Addormentata. we can also customize it for you.

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Large bronze famous face
Large metal face sculpture