Life size military statues of a kneeling soldier for sale

kneeling soldier statue military clay details
kneeling soldier statue clay details
Military statue of a kneeling soldier bronze

Our life size military statues for sale are very popular and loved by customers.

As a gesture of honor, a soldier knelt on one knee, holding his gun in his right hand and his hat in his left, his head bowed. It is a truly stunning sculpture of a kneeling soldier, is life-size, very large, and is the ultimate memorial and tribute to the heroes who fought for our country. Even though there is no war now, there is no need to fight anymore. But, soldiers are still needed to protect our homes. They are the real heroes. Pay tribute to your heroes with a long, heavy bronze monument for your organization, your park, or even your own home.

Our Lifesize military statues of kneeling soldiers for sale are very popular and loved by customers (Now, we hanve life size military statues for sale). Not long ago, an old man came to us to make a custom sculpture of a soldier. His son died unexpectedly in the course of another mission. And, he missed his son very much. He said he was unfortunate. But, very proud of his son. He said he wanted to put a soldier statue of his son on his doorstep so that neighbors, family, and friends would know that his son was a true hero. We are also very proud to be able to provide such high-quality military bronze statues to leave wonderful memories for many more people.

From life size military statues of a kneeling soldier. We should be glad to live in a peaceful age.

Aongking should be glad to live in a peaceful age, with no war, and no smoke. However, today’s peaceful life is paid for with the blood of countless people. The most honorable soldiers, it was they who charged forward to defend their country. It is because of their protection, we now have a peaceful and happy life. We are honored to create works of art that celebrate our brave men and women in uniform who defend our freedom. There are many stories from the military. You can find them HERE.

Custom made life size military statues of soldier for sale

To show your patriotism and love for your country with patriotic and bronze military statues chosen from the Aongking. Our bronze military statues represent generations of our armed forces. Each patriotic statue was cast in bronze from lost wax to ensure its durability, just like our heroes. Choose from a variety of soldier sculptures, including military veterans, active-duty soldiers, battlefield crosses of fallen soldiers, children holding American flags, in-stock life-size military statues of kneeling soldiers, or military dogs. Let us create unique patriotic or military statues for your private or public landscape.

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