1, You are an artist, have your own art designs or artworks. But, can not be cast in metal artwork Or higher quality volume production? Can sculpture commission Aongking turn your artwork into copper(bronze/brass/stainless steel/marble…) and other materials…

Aongking finished clay face of The Vine Statue

2, Your is a landscape city design company, have many landscape projects? But, there are no planning drawings. Don’t worry that the sculpture commission to Aongking engineers and the designer team can design and provide professional 3D files, drawings, and CAD for your project Scheme or Proposal. And, Aongking Group can manufacture this whole project with one-step services, including installation.

Metal sculptures that almost vanish in front garden

3, You are a collector, just have a small art sculpture. But, you would like a bigger one? Don’t worry that the sculpture commission to Aongking has Large sculptures that can be created sculpture from small models who have a lot of experience depending on your preferred size, colors, and details…

Botero sculpture Torso clay


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    aongking finished dog statue- Patinated bronze sculpture

    4, You are a private purchaser, just have some art ideas on which style of art sculptures you would like. Sculpture commission which Aongking can help custom-create clay models to metal sculpture and other materials depending on your preferred size, colors, and details…

    stainless steel sculpture projects

    5, sculpture general contractor remodeling projects, have a new/remodeling projects? Our company, a trusted sculpture general contractor, specializes in handling intricate and artistic remodeling projects. Whether it’s revitalizing public spaces with stunning sculptures or transforming space with creative designs, our expertise ensures that every project we undertake results in a harmonious blend of art and functionality. We have teams in major cities around the world. Ask Aongking immediately to see if there is a working engineering team near you.

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