bronze sculpture of Aongking

Aongking is a great sculpture manufactory & maker of customized Sculptures. You name sculpture, Aongking can create sculpture.

Sculptures cast in bronze, each design is totally bespoke to individual client needs and desires. Aongking will work with you to determine the color, patina, base, and finish you require, totally at your own discretion and made to order. Sculptures can also be scaled up and scaled down to suit your size requirements. You name sculpture, Aongking can create sculpture. Various Life Size Bronze Sculptures, Garden Art Decor in Marble, Stainless Steel Sculptures, Fiberglass Sculptures… Aongking is a great sculpture manufactory & maker of customized Sculpture. This is a rare website to create something completely unique to you – a new and innovative approach to producing & buying bronze Sculpture! You can find all kinds of sculptures from Aongking.


Recent Projects Of Aongking Sculpture Bronze We’ve Completed For Our Clients

Aongking sculpture group has obtained professional certification.

Aongking sculpture group has obtained professional certification (SGS verified).


The process of creating a customized sculpture from Aongking

aongking of sculpture asking

We will communicate all details of your preferred details, if you have your own preferred design, send me your prefer picture/design, and we can custom made depends on your design picture.

Aongking Sculpture

After confirming all details of the sculpture, we will make a detailed invoice for you and arrange a deposit for your sculpture

Aongking of sculpture clay mold

When received your deposit, we will start to make a 1:1 clay mold, the clay mold can modify any details till you’re satisfied with it

Aongking Sculpture

After confirming the 1:1 clay mold, we will start to make a Bronze/marble / stainless steel/fiberglass sculpture

aongking of sculpture delivery

When finished sculpture and you’re satisfied with the sculpture details, we will arrange packing and shipment after receiving the finished balance


I ordered a bronze angel sculpture. The design was agreed and there was clear communication through each stage of design, changes were made and I am extremely happy with the result. Aongking company is professional, trustworthy, and always willing to make changes to get you the end result you require. Thank you for helping me achieve the statute, My clients love her!


We were very pleased with the excellent customer service throughout the process. Kelly was always willing to help and was very responsive. The final product is also fabulous. We will enjoy the sculpture for many many years to come.



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