Bronze Elk Statue

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Clay of Deer classification bronze elk statues of aongking

Bronze elk statue from Wild and life size.

A wild Elk originated more than 2 million years ago and was most prosperous from about 10,000 years ago to about 3,000 years ago. Both the number of elk fossil sites and the number of specimens at certain fossil sites in China are extremely rich. It is a symbol of wealth and luck, it’s a lucky thing. The elk is also known as the wealth deer, whether in the East or the West has a good meaning. Elk on behalf of peace, symbolizing the pursuit and yearning for a better future. In ancient times, some rich people used elk statue sketches as tile patterns for their houses in the hope that they would always be peaceful, prosperous, and lucky. Don’t you want more luck or money? if you want, a well-customized bronze elk statue decor on Aongking will not only decorate your home but also bring you more luck and money.

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