1.Do you have a minimum order quantity?2020-01-20T17:25:02-04:00

Yes, usually our minimum order is 1 piece. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities, we recommend you contact us directly

2. How do I get a quotation?2020-01-20T17:21:16-04:00

You can send us your detailed requirements such as what kind of sculptures that you interested in, and their size, material or color as well as approximate order quantity to us, and then we will offer you the best price.

3.Is it available to make sculptures depends on my prefer size?2020-01-20T17:19:52-04:00

Yes, it is no problem, every sculptures can custom made size depends on your request. Just tell our salesman and get free quotations directly.

4.Can you custom made depends on my own drawing/ pictures ?2020-01-20T17:18:45-04:00

Yes, we can custom made depends on your drawing/ pictures, it is kind of you to send me your drawing/pictures,If there is some sculptures you can not see on our website… we would be happy to create it for you

5.How long about the production time ?2020-01-20T17:17:18-04:00

Generally the life size bronze sculptures need about 45 workdays can finish and ready to ship, if we have stock, in one week we can ready to ship, if very large sculptures, please contact us and we will confirm to you directly.

6.How we install our sculpture ?2020-01-20T17:14:30-04:00

It is kind of you describe your site situation, then we will make a install drawing for your reference, some large project, our engineer can come your country to finish installation.

7.Which kind packages you will use ?2020-01-20T17:10:32-04:00

The small statues or life size sculptures, we will use wooden cases, if size more than 3m, generally will use iron boxes.

8.How can i place order ?2021-03-15T01:56:06-04:00

Even though the products listed on our web site have detailed specifications such as size and material,many items need to be customized by closely following the specification provided by a customer in order to achieve satisfactory ,installation at the customer site. So we strongly encourage our customers to call us(Email: once you have made a decision on the style and material of a product, we would be happy to assist you.

9.Can I see the production process?2021-03-15T01:56:37-04:00

Yes. We will keep you posted with production photos.We will not pack the products until we get your approval on the final products.

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