We have all heard the stories of Greek mythology

We have all heard the stories of Greek mythology, Greek mythology is the spiritual product of primitive clan society and the earliest literary form in Europe. Now the ancient Greek mythology, mainly divided into the story of god and hero legend in two parts. We often hear many stories about the Greek gods, and we often see statues of various gods. Here we would like to recommend to you the goddess Hera. We just recently made a bronze statue of Hera.

Hera is the third generation of diva in ancient Greek mythology

Hera is the third generation of diva in ancient Greek mythology, but also the goddess of marriage and fertility, one of the twelve main gods of Olympus. A co-ruler who shared power with Zeus. Hera’s name means noble female in ancient Greek. Hera was very beautiful, with a pair of bright and penetrating big eyes. Her arms were white as lilies, and her beautiful curls pouted from under the crown in an air of majestic serenity. Beautiful things will always attract your eyes, our sculpture of Hera will certainly appeal to you as well.

In here, the goddess Hera is elegantly depicted in ancient Greek decor with a sacred peacock at her side. The beautiful and noble goddess Hera stepped confidently with the peacock spreading its tail behind her. You can imagine how beautiful she is. Our bronze material makes her look more elegant and luxurious. This is a very beautiful decoration, make your space become fashionable in an instant. I also hope you can be a noble, elegant and confident woman like Hera. Or you can give it as a gift to your dear girlfriend.

Beautiful sculpture can not only decorate the space more beautiful but also enhance people’s understanding and appreciation of sculpture. Our beautiful bronze statue of Hera will surely attract more people to learn about the culture of ancient Greece. Our bronze sculptures are cast using the traditional method of losing wax and will last a long time whether you want to display them indoors or outdoors. We also have a lot of statues of gods from Greek mythology, if you are interested in them, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Bronze Hera sculpture