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finished bronze religious statues of Aongking

Since ancient times, believers all over the world, regardless of nationality and belief, have set up idols, large and small, to express their respect for God. Whether religious or not, we feel a sense of awe in the face of such a religious statue, whether majestic or loving. The doctrine that religious statue is easy to disseminate because of its image. To gain a wide following, face up to your beliefs. A religious statue is worth having. Today, we will enjoy the Christian statues and Buddhist sculptures made by Aongking. Aongking can customize the various expressions and gestures of religious figures. Let the sculpture show the character of the character and the role of the figure in the religion. More importantly, a custom sculpture will tell a religious story or give emotion.

Christ Statue«

Virgin Mary Statue«

Saint Francis of Assisi Statue«

Bronze Holy Family statue«

Mary Holding Jesus Bronze Statue«

Laughing Buddha Bronze Statue«

Disillusion Series Sculpture«


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