Refers to a design based on a specific picture, or a personal drawing. Aongking’s all finished sculptures are for this way of operating. The business model of customized sculpture can also be called personalized sculpture design. Material selection is usually based on the client’s personal size, color, design, picture or idea, decorative scene, etc. Each piece of the high-grade custom statue from photo is more popular in the market. Here, Aongking uses several typical cases to illustrate the details of the custom sculpture.

Custom Sculptures Bronze

Custom marvel statues of classical mythological figure

custom bronze statues of Bacchus

Custom Bronze Statues Of Bacchus

The formation and development of ancient Greek body art sculpture are closely related to its social history, national characteristics, and natural environment. We have to know which if we create a fine new classical sculpture or copy classical sculpture.

When you see the clay model. You will understand that the sculpture has a strong body. Good body becoming the model of the ancient Greek sculptures ideal of beauty. Because The city-state demanded a strong physique and a perfect soul for its citizens. therefore, The slave-owner democracy of the city-state provided favorable conditions for the development of culture and art.

You see raised glasses and a bunch of grapes in Dionysus sculpture…. We understand the meaning of drunkenness and freedom. Greek mythology is the soil of Greek art, which contains human’s rational thinking of the natural mystery and gestates the bud of history and philosophy idea. It is in this environment that Greek artists created the most outstanding human body art in the ancient world and left the most precious heritage to the treasure house of human culture.

In the eyes of ancient Greek sculpture and artists. The human body is a part of the natural world and is the most symmetrical, harmonious, solemn, and beautiful aesthetic object. Therefore, in ancient Greek sculpture, human sculpture can be seen everywhere and has reached a very high artistic level. Like, the Discus sculpture by the great sculptor Myron, the statue of God of wine Bacchus, Laocoon and his sons… The art of ancient Greece is only known to us today through the classic sculptures of that time. Sculptures of perfect bodies are right in front of your eyes, taking you instantly to an era full of art. Sculptures of various materials can be customized for you.

custom sculpture saint statue matthew

Custom Sculpture Saint Statue Matthew

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customized Jesus statue

Customized Jesus Statue

In today’s world, people with religious beliefs are the majority. Religious sculpture as a social phenomenon has not only subjectivity but also objectivity. It affects our and society. In the world, Christianity is a major religious belief. Many of us are hoping for divine blessing. Therefore, a casting bronze religious Sculpture can be used as a durable outdoor decoration accessory and is very popular. It is a good choice for you. Including a bronze, religious figure sculpture from you will custom personalized style. And we’re done include an image of Jesus sculpture is about the size of an average man. Because we can also make the size according to your requirement.

A sculpture of Jesus is an ideal way to honor the Son of God. Our selection of indoor and outdoor religious sculptures are of heirloom quality, varying in theme and depicting many different aspects of his life. for example, Jesus’ Sacred Heart is great, and he has taught us to give… Aongking passion for custom art emotion is expressed in sculptures. Fly into the fine custom sculpture of Jesus and forget all your troubles. Our custom-made religious figure sculpture will feel the as a believer which it’s easy to get warm from Christ …

You can pray face to face with custom Jesus nailed to a cross sculpture or mary…Tell your best friend custom-made a religious sculpture from Aongking …Thank you.

custom made angel fountain sculpture

Custom Made Angel Fountain Sculpture

Still, looking for a custom decoration in the open space of your villa? Come and customize an elegant bronze fountain from Aongking. If you want a western-style customized fountain. Aongking will help you. You can find a finished 3.9 meters in tall angel fountain with a stone pool. Aongking combines bronze sculpture art with decorative architecture. Aongking can custom personalized fountain in graceful woman sculptures, wings spreading angel sculptures, or cute little angel sculptures, and make them into the form of a fountain, and bring you to come with a strong western classical or modern style for your open space.

Or you can customize a suitable Feng Shui animal fountain depends on your preference. You can send Aongking pictures of your villa or environment and through recommendations and communication. The romantic dolphin fountain can be made into gold according to your preference, giving you a gorgeous look, and there is a bronze lion head fountain spouting water to guard your villa. . .

You can customize the bronze figure fountain that is most suitable for your environment. The figure surface color of the bronze fountain depends on the style of your installation environment. The classical style can use patina, dark brown, and other retro surface treatments, and the modern style can use fashionable colors such as gold. Everything is customized according to your preferences.

custom garden statues of horse head

Custom Garden Statues Of Horse Head

Sculpture of horse's head

Sculpture Of Horse’s Head

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custom abstract sculpture

Custom Abstract Sculpture

Incompleteness is an advanced beauty? Here, the broken and hollow question mark visage is the most expressed form of abstract bronze sculptures. For abstract sculpture itself, the form itself is the content to be expressed. Looking at the same abstract bronze sculpture, different people will have different opinions, perhaps their views of the world, or their true feelings in their hearts. This is the charm of abstract bronze sculptures.

There are many famous abstract sculpture artists in the world, and you don’t have to go to the exhibition hall to see those famous abstract bronze sculptures. In Aongking sculpture, various famous abstract bronze sculptures are housed here, each of which is a combination of thought and art. If you have one you like, we can customize a copy of it. It may be a broken face sculpture, a muscular torso, or a traveler who has lost his heart, Matteo pugliese sculptures. Choose the abstract bronze personalized sculpture that can walk into your heart, customize the appropriate size and color for your private environment, and make your environment full of advanced Sense, produce great emotional resonance.

custom lady on horse sculpture of botero

Custom Lady On Horse Sculpture Of Botero

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custom bust of Veiled Virgin

Custom Bust Of Veiled Virgin

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custom metal horse

Custom Metal Horse

Once, an artist asked us to customize a bronze horse statue. He told Aongking that the beautiful standing on two legs horse walked into his dream one night, covered with spots and starlight on his head like an elf. So the artist drew the look of the horse in the dream and sent the photos to us. Maybe it was the artist’s appearance that scared the horse too. Make it stand straight. We communicated all the details with the artist. Includes gold color and Stand up straight and so on. The sculptor of Aongking tried his best to restore the beauty of the horse statue. After the completion, the bronze horse statue was placed in the artist’s garden. He admired Aongking’s statue production ability very much. He said, “Whenever the moon rises, my deer and the garden are beautiful like dreams.”

Bronze animal statues are lifelike and vivid, and they can accompany you forever. No matter what animals you like, to decorate the garden or to commemorate your former animal friends, or to satisfy your dream wishes. Aongking can all customize it for you, don’t hesitate to choose us, we will show you the most vibrant bronze animal statues.

Custom Marble Statue

customized famous statues of Equestrian

Customized Famous Statues Of Equestrian

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custom hercules in marble

Custom Hercules In Marble

hercules sculpture

Hercules Sculpture

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custom made stone sculpture of Devil's skull angel

Custom Made Stone Sculpture Of Devil’s Skull Angel

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Custom Marble Sculptrues Of Holy Family

Custom Marble Sculptrue Of Holy Family

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Custom Strainless Steel Statue

custom balloon dog sculpture

Custom Balloon Dog Sculpture

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custom strainless steel sculptures for garden

Custom Strainless Steel Sculptures For Garden

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custom cartoon Mickey Mouse sculptures

Custom Cartoon Mickey Mouse Sculptures

Mickey Mouse Sculpture

Mickey Mouse Sculpture

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custom geometry lion sculpture in steel

Custom Geometry Lion Sculpture In Steel

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personalised mushroom sculpture

Personalised Mushroom Sculpture

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Custom Fibergalss Statue

custom hulk statue

Custom Hulk Statue

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custom made soldiers on horse statue

Custom Made Soldiers On Horse Statue

Soldiers On Horse Statue

Soldiers On Horse Statue

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