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David Bernini analisi dell'opera

David Bernini Analisi Dell’opera

We know that all artists are influenced by their predecessors…

We know that all artists are influenced by their predecessors, from an early age, Bernini studied and compared Michelangelo’s work. This David sculpture is not the Michelangelo sculpture, it is one of the masterpieces of Italian artist Benini. It shows the characteristics of Baroque art. When Benini was working on David, he was working on another work, Apollo and Daphne. If you are interested in Apollo and Daifuni, you can also visit our website to learn more about them, we’ve made all these sculptures.

David of Benini freezes the moment David hurls a stone at the giant goliath. David stared at Goliath on the left, his lips closed, legs spread apart, his muscles taut, his upper body twisted to the right, his left arm swinging in front of him and right arm reaching down to his back. His hands pull the two ends of the sling to highlight the tilt of the body, increase the dynamic potential energy of the twisting body, and fully demonstrate the explosive power of the movement. The stone on the string of his sling was about to be fired, giving the impression of being ready for action. The determined look and brawny muscles of Benini’s David bring to life the hero’s triumphalism and willingness to fight, thus creating a tense atmosphere. Our bronze Statue of David will come to life, the details of Benini’s Creation of David are vividly presented. Many of our customers are satisfied with our bronze David sculptures.

Michelangelo’s David and Bernini’s David

It is reminiscent of Michelangelo’s David of the same name. Michelangelo David is relatively quiet, a handsome young man with a solemn manner and heroic temperament. And Benigni captures the moment of David’s heroism. Benini created the image of David as an ordinary young man, ready to take action, in a dynamic state. His body seems to contain huge energy, the essence of human passion can be externalized and released. It fully reflects the characteristics of Baroque art accumulated in the Renaissance era. The image of David presented by Michelangelo only pursues the expression and expression of the sculpture itself, which fully reflects the rational characteristics of Renaissance art. We can make both sculptures, and choose which one you like according to your preferences.

Benini’s David is full of passion and gives you a sense of drive, seeing it may stir up energy in your heart. His expression of must to win will give you a lot of confidence. It is very suitable to be placed in the school to bring more confidence to the students. Or you can leave it in your home and let David’s spirit inspire you. But if you are a rationalist you can also choose our Michelangelo bronze Statue of David. We also have many other famous sculptures waiting for you.

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