Apollo and Daphne STATUE

Clay Sculpture finished

Sculpture of a gentle woman

Clay Greek mythology Sculpture

More Clay Sculpture

mary held Jesus scuplture

Clay sculpture mary held Jesus

man and horse sculpture

 Clay sculpture Man and horse

Turn Your Thoughts Into Sculptures.

Are you interested in turning your thoughts into sculptures by Aongking? Here, we have many types of sculptures for you to choose from. In addition to this, we can help you create your design in sculpture. So, creating a 1:1 clay mold is important for a fine art sculpture. The clay model is the basis for making sculptures, a bit like the foundations of a house. Create a fine clay model. Visual clay sculpture creation is important. We will send the model pictures to you, if you are satisfied, we will proceed to the next step and start casting… If you’re not satisfied, we will continue to make improvements according to your requirements until they are satisfactory to you.

Clay Sculpture is important for creating a new sculpture

Create a Clay sculpture finished in Aongking for the art of molding, casting, or carving marble sculpture. Visual art requires focus, concentration, and dedication and it is a fairly time-consuming activity. It is also one of the most important and indispensable works that finish a fine sculpture. At first, the process of sculpture was to carve and shape with metals, ceramics, stone, and other materials. But nowadays, as a saleable product, include custom-made materials, size and many kinds of design will come true, among which creating clay is the most popular and important.

Any sculpture can be created with clay and depend on your ideas in Aongking. We finished rough clay is more self-sustaining and suitable for modern, personalized sculptures. While, thinner clay design is suitable for classical, elaborate works. Clay sculpture finished in Aongking are worth experimenting with different clays for the last 30 years, as creation is usually a highly tactile experience for clients and good promotion for our art team. Clay art has great ductility, from large clay figure sculptures to small clay animal sculptures, we can all make it perfectly.

Choose us to make clay sculptures

In the course of our careers. Clay sculptures finished in Aongking vary differently in size and style. They can be quick and instant, suitable for large-scale work and outdoor work. Clay sculpture finished in Aongking can also be small, it is very expressive and reminiscent of the original characters of figures in ancient times. The characters of these figures are extruded from wet clay and look like animals and humans. We have a professional team whom earth-making capacity for clay sculptors. We can carve according to your needs until you are satisfied. Try to contact Aongking!

deer sculpture

Deer art sculpture

woman riding a horse

Classical sculpture

horse sculpture

Clay horse sculpture

childrens scuplture

Clay childrens scuplture

Angel scuplture clay

Clay sculpture – Angel scuplture

abstract sculpture

Abstract clay sculpture

Finished Clay Sculpture