Aongking sculpture

A man expresses his feelings of what has had a lasting impression on him. Capture that unforgettable love in bronze-making sculpture, forever.

People all have special feelings we want to remember. Feelings of kinship, of natural feelings. Of friendship. The special beautiful life touches the heart of a design. Do you hope that makes the time stand still? But time, once gone, will never return. Whether it’s a cat, a loved person, famous star, our custom life-size statue looks uncannily real( We can offer some finished making sculptures)…

We finished the premier resource for custom bronze making sculpture, art, and decor in 30 years. Making a sculpture of Aongking has been immortalizing many people. We finished a statue of pets, a statue of a family portrait, history man. And, art design sculpture on over the world.

We are a family business. And, when we work together. You will always receive excellent service and patient repair. Will like to work with Aongking next time, too. Our office is located in Shijiazhuang, CN, a deep artistic deposits city.

Aongking sculpture Arts of Clay Teams was originally built in 1990. Our was the famous sculpture. We have 20 artists in clay create Today. Many casting people, artists of 3D design. And, is even used to shoot scenes for TV shows in China.

  • 1. Can making sculpture Design For you

    Our Factory welcomes custom designs, materials, and sizes. We have 2 design teams which are 3D design and clay design. Can create any art project needs. We will try our best to serve you in every project.

  • 2. Can Use Different Payments For Deposit and Balance ( making sculpture )

    We accept terms of payment including L/C, T/T, Western Union, and credit card…

  • 3. Buy Insurance For every item of the making sculpture

    We can help you buy “all risks” insurance for your package during shipping.

  • 4. Looking Forward To Your Second Sculpture Customization ( making sculpture )

    It has been our promise and true for many years. Our customers come from all over the country. Therefore, they include artists, store owners, store experiences, individuals, priests, school principals, etc.