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trichromatic love sculpture outdoor decor

love sculpture outdoor decor

Corten steel love sculpture in park

Everybody loves font sculpture. Common Words In Our Lives

Love is one of the most common words in our lives. Everybody loves font sculpture. In this picture, you can see the love on the grass. It is a bold typeface consisting of the letters L and O over the letters V and E., O leans to one side so that its rectangular negative space forms a line leading to V. Do you think it adds a lot of beauty to the park? Of course, it is.

Background Of Love Sculpture

It is the work of Robert Indiana, he created it in the United States. There are few stainless steel sculptures like his work “LOVE” that capture the viewer’s mind in that way. His sculptures are unique, and we can see that they are made of the capital letters of the English alphabet. The style of this sculpture is pop art, which adds extraordinary beauty to cities, schools, and parks.

For most people, this love sculpture would seem to be inspired by a romantic love story, but it actually originated as a Christmas card, so it has a Christian connection. Because he grew up in Indiana, he was a Christian. The original Love sculpture is now housed in the Annapolis Museum in Indiana, and this great sculpture made its debut in 1970 with great success. Over the next few decades, Robert went on to create more than 50 versions of stainless steel love sculptures, which have been installed in attractions around the world. Actually, this sculpture expresses the use of the common language of love, to tear down cultural, ethnic, local, and international barriers, as if we were praying for peace and common prosperity.

Stainless steel sculpture is perfect for outdoors, such as school gates, parks, and squares or you can put it in your garden. It will attract many people to watch it. Many couples will come here to take pictures to commemorate their love. Love is an eternal topic, every time when people see this sculpture, they are struck by its beauty and think of their loved people, it is a good art. Are you also attracted by its beauty? Come to Aongking Sculpture, and learn more about it.

love sculpture Robert Indiana Paul Kasmin Gallery

Robert Indiana Paul Kasmin Gallery

hope sculpture

hope letter sculpture

No matter which location you choose, make sure the sculpture is in harmony with the surrounding environment and decorative style to achieve the best aesthetic results. In addition, taking into account the material and maintenance needs of the sculpture, it is also necessary to ensure that it is properly protected and maintained in the chosen location.