Golfer sculpture Miniature art: One shot, One joy, One goal, One life 

Today, more and more people fall in love with the sport of golf sculpture. The fun of golf lies in challenging yourself, and the great satisfaction that can be brought about by overcoming yourself is unmatched by anything else.

Speaking of golf, I have to mention one golfer — Old Tom Morris

Thomas Mitchell Morris sculpture

Morris’s sculptural in bronze career began with the depiction of pet dogs and horses. But, soon he became dissatisfied with making statues for the gentle Labrador and turned to the wild animal world which made him more obsessed.

Thomas Mitchell Morris statue

Morris kept working right up until his death, just before his 87th birthday. He died after falling down a flight of stairs in the clubhouse of the New Golf Club in St Andrews.
He is buried against the eastern wall of the churchyard of St Andrew’s Cathedral. The grave is simple but stands beneath the highly notable monument to his son, Young Tom Morris, which carries a bronze golfer sculpture in high relief against a white background, and is visible across the breadth of the churchyard. His grave attracts thousands of golfers each year who wish to pay homage to this golfing hero.

golfer sculpture life size

Once, a client wanted to customize a life-size sculpture of a golfer at his golf course from us. Aongking client, Mr. Jim sent us the photo after confirming the size and materials. We’re going really well. Soon, we started making this sculpture.

Aongking production usually consists of these processes:
Firstly, creating 1:1 clay mold, making silicon mold, finish wax pattern, making plaster shell,

Burning out the wax.
Secondly, casting the bronze golfer sculpture, then when the bronze is cooled, we will remove the sand shell, reunite all parts of this sculpture and start to weld all together. Polishing the surface and ready to make patina…

And then the sculpture is finished

life size golfer statue

Aongking finds that it is not a particularly fierce competition on the court. And, sometimes when we see a person playing on the court, we are competing with ourselves, how many strokes today and tomorrow. This is a wonderful game.
Many times, custom-made golfer sculpture is created to honor someone or to continue the spirit of golf.
Aongking would love for anyone to come to us and make this kind of meaningful and spiritual sculpture… You can find more golfer bronze statues. Or more bronze sport sculpture.

golf sculpture

female golf statue

bronze golfer sculpture

golf statue for clubs

Golf sculpture

standing golfer for golf course