Stainless Steel Mushroom Sculpture
mushroom polished finished
mushroom polished finished

This is a wonderful Garden Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture located in Minnesota Golf, America. The sculpture is designed to be mushroom shaped and has the high gloss. And this mushroom sculpture won the second place among the 50 famous sculptures in the United States. Almost everyone spoke highly of this large outdoor sculpture. In addition, stainless steel products have good corrosion resistance, which can be put as exterior decoration very long. You can see the shadow from mirror surface if you choose a polished sculpture. When the sun shines on the surface of the sculpture, it looks very bright. Modern Stainless Steel Sculptures are very glorious when placed in garden, home, office, hotel, club or any places.

From the practical application, this contemporary stainless steel sculpture can be used as an ornament in a residential area or a park area. This modern metal exterior decoration sculpture adopts carving technology, which makes it into mirror, fashion and distinctive style. When you feel tired, you can come here for enjoyments. And you can take the photos with this amazing sculpture and keep for album collection.

So I can’t wait to know how to make a successful stainless steel sculpture. And, I summarize the manufacturing process of Stainless Steel Mushroom Sculpture below:

1) Making small clay clay and 1:1 foam mold.
2) Cutting metal plate according to the mold.
3) Welding stainless steel piece togethe.
4) Polish the sculpture of the whole shape with different kinds of gauze.
5) Finished surface polishing till high mirror color. (6K)

When our customer Jack learned how to make sculptures step by step. He sighed that it was really a delicate and painstaking work. The completion of any work of art required imagination. And, artistic work could not be accomplished overnight. When he saw the final finished sculpture. He was shocked by the exquisite sculpture.

If you want to decorate outdoor places such as parks, choosing this kind of sculpture is a good choice. It’s worth trying for you.