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How to Sand and Grinding Stainless Steel Sculptures (Polish Stainless Steel Sculptures)?

Sanding and grinding is every steel sculpture items of working process. Its will keep the most important aspects of making every one steel metal sculpture. And, the mostly five points need to be noted of the burnish from coarse to fine. Polish Stainless Steel Sculptures.

1, When sanding and many times. Worker must try to make the sculptures parallel to grinding wheel. And, hold the grinder with both hands and accommodate to the every details of the stainless steel sculptures. Need to withstand the harsh sound.
2, Experienced workers will good control of rugged grinding when processing. If the unsmooth surface of sculpture occurs and many smaller gap.These sculptural parts are difficult to polish.Firstly,the right solution needs to be found.For example,Disconnection of the grinding wheel. Secondly,It takes experience and patience.
3, Worker will used appropriate solid polish wax,every time. The wax can not be applied too much. In order to, avoid polishing wax friction heat. If more,melted after covering the surface of the sculpture. And, cover the presence of various signs and pit surface of the sculpture. The quality of the sculpture polishing will also be affected.
4, Worker need control polishing time and. The longer the polishing time. The statue surface will raise the temperature of some sculptures.Resulting in the surface can not be polished again.
5, Worker need control skilled in using polishing techniques. Rough and medium finishes are better with a sand plate. A millstone cuts better than a sisal wheel. Excessive grinding can cause partial overheating and change the shape of the sculpture.