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Bronze horse head. Creat many horse themed sculpture by Aongking.

In recent years, we can often see many animal art metal sculptures in our daily life, among which bronze horse head sculpture is very common. Horses played a very important role, as the primary means of transportation, as comrades in arms on the battlefield…

This is a simple image of a horse with its head straight down, creating the appearance of a relaxed animal sipping water. This drinking water bronze horse head for sale will attracted many visitors as an outdoor decoration. The details of thia piece is sure to give a surprise to you. It uses beaten lead as a material to work- it looks strong under a leaden sky and gleams in the sun. The inner layer of this article is made of polyresin, the outside is coated with bronze. Every horse lover needs a special bronze statue like this one.

Bronze horse head. Catch one’s eyes for your garden.

It is honoured to place this bronze horse head on the path, drawn to the beautiful hill as well as people passing will be uplifted by this art. This statue will slow the rushing traffic. And, give people time to think about how the natural world is still thriving in modern times.

Any classical bronze animal head sculpture is the result of hard art work. Its are the true love of creating beautiful art for customers all over the world. We measure our success with satisfied customers and enduring monuments that will surpass all of us. When you online our website shop, we hope that you will notice the range of sculptural art we offer, the fine details and quality we display, and our pride in our beliefs. We want to add a beautiful color to your home decor…

Horse head bronze sculpture
Large size horse head bronze
lion head sculpture
Statue of the horse's head kissing the earth