custom made statue, create clay mold statue

1, Start the clay outline of your preferred design.

2, Started designing details of the clay statue.

3,  Post-processing of more details of the statue.

clay mold of camel

Clay model of camel sculpture

clay mold art

Commissioned custom made statue sculpture( From start creating clay model)

Aongking Sculpture is very happy to custom make statue sculpture for every client and design. Aongking really specialty custom made statue sculpture artwork. You can entrust our company to make statues of specific poses and sizes according to your wishes.  We can make life-size bronze statues for you in your garden. Or, we can custom-make larger statues in public outdoors. It will take weeks or months to make a statue. Statues’ material can be finished in bronze, fiberglass, stainless steel, or stone. We can choose materials and create a design for you before creating a clay mold. Generally, a custom-made statue starts to create clay mold. It is fundamental and important for a customized statue.

1, Start to the custom made statue with your preferred outline design

We need to communicate with you about each detail to discuss your ideas and requirements. A reasonable contract will be signed between Aongking and you. Before, we will offer a cost that will depend on the complexity and size of the statue. Aongking artists start to custom made statue with a 1:1 clay model depending on your signed idea. Firstly, we will send photos and videos of the outline clay model. This is the overall design work. This outline clay model can modify any details till satisfied.

2, Started designing the details of the statue (for your custom made statue)

The statute of the entire process goes through a lot of working procedures. Secondly, custom made details of the statue.  This step meets your specific requirements of you. Also, in order to better reflect the topic content of the statute. The statute in this step will determine the future of the three-dimensional composition form, style, and the expression of the subject dynamic. And, whether a custom made statue is carefully designed will directly affect the final result.

2-1: Make 1:1 details of clay models that fulfill all specific needs for a custom made statue.
According to the original design (Or, 3D mold, small mold, and so on ). The details of the clay sculpture took some time to complete. The shape of the clay model is the shape of the finished product ( bronze or other material ). Aongking can be modeled by photos or videos (If possible, it would be best if you have to provide multi-angle, clear, and natural photos of the sculpture subject. If you don’t have one, Aongking sales can provide them to you in the quote process. Only one picture as a reference. We can modify the clay model depending on your ideas for your reference till you are satisfied.).

There is a fine face of the figure, a fine-tooth of tiger, the weeping expression of the scene sculpture… For all details of custom made statue. You need will create the clay model. We will periodically provide customers with photos of the sculpture’s initial shape via E-mail for feedback. If necessary, you are required to visit the Aongking factory, and positive comments will help our artist to better complete the statue.

3,  Post-processing of more details of the custom made statue

When the clay model is finished. It is turned into plaster or resin (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and trimmed. And then cast in bronze, carving marble sculptures, and forged stainless steel sculptures depending on a custom made statue. After surface treatment (patina finish, paint finish, polish finish, chroming finish…). Finally, the sculpture should be chemically colored according to the customer’s preference.

There is a whole process of finished custom made statue sculpture from Aongking Sculpture:

1, A custom made statue in bronze

golfer sculpture clay mold

Clay custom made statue of golfer

finishe casting golfer sculpture

Patina bronze golfer

2, A custom-made statue in nature marble

Hercules sculpture clay mold

Clay custom made statue of Hercules

Hercules sculpture in marble

Antique surface marble statue

3, A custom-made statue in stainless steel

water-drop stainless steel sculpture

Custom made statue of Stainless steel sculpture

Capture of Cerberus statue

Polished surface sculpture

4, A custom-made statue in fiberglass

clay hulk statue

Clay custom made statue of Hulk

fiberglass hulk

fiberglass cartoon sculpture