aongking finished dog statue- Patinated bronze sculpture

This dog design which Aongking finished. You can see the patinated surface from the picture.

Did you know that bronze has been used for art patinated bronze sculpture and representation for thousands of years?

Not only that, but bronze is actually the most popular metal to use for sculptures made of cast metal. It’s not hard to see why considering that bronze doesn’t rust easily and has multiple uses.

Firstly, The Benefits of Patinated Bronze Sculpture

Not only does Bronze make a statement. But, the patinated bronze sculpture also allows for great detail due to the expansion of bronze alloys. Bronze can be used on its own, or to accent almost any patinated sculpture design, while providing strength and stability. From dog-patinated bronze sculpture replicas to fountain features, a bronze feature will uplift and inspire.

1-1: Patinated bronze sculpture requires very little maintenance. Whether you’re in the market for a patinated bronze sculpture for your desk space or a sculpture of marine life to enhance a water feature. Your piece will maintain its beauty.

1-2: Patinated bronze sculpture can last for thousands of years, maybe even forever!

1-3: Patinated bronze sculpture develops protective layers once exposed to the elements which increase durability and beauty.

Secondly, Did you know that patinated surface life expectancy?

Despite its durability, many ancient patinated bronze sculptures were lost to history, having been melted down and recycled to create coins.

Only 200 patinated bronze sculptures from the Hellenistic period are said to have survived this melting purge. (from A Brief Introduction to Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World)

While antique patinated bronze sculptures are rare, it is possible to acquire or custom order a bronze statue to fit any aesthetic or to represent any concept.

Patinated bronze sculptures have been a classic choice for centuries due to their beauty and longevity, making them the perfect option for any indoor or outdoor setting. Durability and high quality make bronze the ideal choice to symbolize just about anything.

Connect Aongking got you a patinated bronze sculpture.