Aongking custom made & finished an ancient greek bronze Myron the discobolus statue sculpture

Clay mold of The discobolus

Clay mold of The discobolus

The discobolus before patina surface

The discobolus before patina surface

Finished the discobolus

Finished the discobolus

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ancient greek bronze Myron the discobolus statue sculpture

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An ancient greek classical art of bronze Myron the discobolus statue sculpture

The Discobolus crafts or artwork is a bronze sculpture casting by the Greek sculptor Myron around 450 BC. The original has been lost. But, the copy is now in the Rijksmuseum, the Telme, and the Vatican Museums. From 449 BC to 334 BC was the heyday of Greek sculptures, known in art history as the “classical period”, from which a large number of excellent sculptures emerged. We know the fine Discobolus statue is one of the surviving masterpieces of art.

Based on a real-life Greek sporting event. The Discobolus sculptures depict the expressive moment of a powerful man as he throws the discus. Although, it is a stationary sculpture. From the statue, the artist grasps the key link in the transition from one state to another. Thus, the sculpture achieving the effect of “movement” in the mind of the audience. Today, it has become a model of artistic creation and important material for studying ancient Greek sculpture.

Greek bronze Myron the discobolus statue sculpture caring soothe our hearts

In this sculpture’s picture, you can see a man was throwing the discus. He turned to the right with his upper body, leaned forward into an arch. The weight rested on the right foot, placed his left arm on his right knee. And, holding the discus in his right hand, turned it to the back. This complex gesture gives us the impression of concentration. We can find that accurately sums up the whole continuous process of discus throwing. We can put it in squares parks or gyms… Is a fine sculpture from Aongking well suited for display for you where? You walking in the path, see this bronze sculpture by the side of the road. You will surely be shocked by his beauty? If you’re a sports lover, keeping it at home can be very motivating? A good discount from my client. Judy loves to throw discus and get ready to take part in a game. So, she bought the sport sculpture for her home and told liked it. When herself tired and wanted to rest. She saw it, she was full of strength, and practiced day after day then won the game. It’s amazing…

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bronze Discobolus indoor
classical architecture of Discobolus

Classical architecture of art

Discobolus in square

Statue in square

Statue of Discobolus in front the Panathenaic Stadium (Kalli)

Bronze-discobolus statue decorative British Museum

life-size Discobolus

life-size standing discobolus sculpture