Bronze Figure Statue Progects

Casting in bronze, each figures statue is totally bespoke to individual client needs and desires on Aongking web site. Aongking will work with you to determine the colour, patina, size, base and finish you require, totally at your own discretion and made to order. Bronze figure statue can also be scaled up and scaled down to suit your requirements. This is a rare opportunity to create something completely unique to you – a new and innovative approach to producing & buying bronze figure statue from Aongking!

Aongking really proud to be working with my factory sculpture artists ( in all kinds of bronze figure statue ). So much talent, passion and skill. A real treat to be able to promote our work and also, great fun! So that. Aongking lucky to be someone that can a sculpture company loved by customers around the world.

Please take a look on my website for further info: and connect me. If you would like a quote on a specific brief. Aongking can help you.Start Aongking shop..Get a really exciting new way of producing sculpture!

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