Bronze garden statues of top 20 on Aongking for you choose

Garden Bronze Statue Art

The blooming of the flowers is always instant, the spring light in the full garden will slowly recede, the footsteps of summer will get closer and the flowers bloom, but after this prosperous feast, there will always be a scene of permanent existence in the garden, as time goes by With the scouring of wind and rain, it is more brand-new and more charming. This scene of scenery is the bronze garden statues that decorate the garden… When decorating the house, everyone prefers to decorate a garden dream at home, and they want to build their own home. Create your own exquisite garden. Garden decoration has many styles, and there will be corresponding bronze garden statues. Aongking Statue has chosen 20 bronze garden statues for you, hoping to add some suitable suggestions to your garden dream.

1. Bronze garden full-size children statues

People’s gardens firstly depend on people’s inner emotions. When decorating the garden, the most popular one is the children’s bronze statue. People always yearn for the happy memories of childhood, and there are many types of children’s statues, They can show the joy of playing, the tranquility of reading, and the friendship between brothers and sisters. Is there a small figure deep in your memory? Children’s bronze statues can portray lifelike looks and movements. Place it on the lawn of your garden or under a big tree in the shade. Children’s bronze garden statues help you find your original innocence.

2. Bronze garden fountain statue

Whether it is Chinese style or European style, when it comes to the design of gardens and courtyards, Feng Shui will be taken into consideration. Placing a fountain in the garden will make the atmosphere of the entire courtyard better. Most of these western-style bronze fountains are designed based on simplicity and the true color of bronze, creating a noble and clean garden fountain that allows people to walk in. When in the garden, there was a breath of elegance. And the overall European-style courtyard garden landscape design is that kind of grand concept.

3. Bronze garden statues of flying swan sculpture

In the design of English gardens, bronze statues of birds such as swans are often used. The classic English country-style villa garden design method can create a fairytale-like living environment for you. And the rustic English country style never goes out of style. Their romantic appearance comes from a mix of wildflowers and traditional varieties, such as roses or honeysuckle, with rustic materials such as terracotta and wood. Adhering to the romantic design concept. You can add a romantic bird statue like a swan, the swan spreading its wings in a fairy tale, bringing you a comfortable feeling.

4. Bronze garden statue of animal vivid deer design

Bronze deer statues are often placed in wooden-style villa gardens. There is a small wooden house in this villa painted in rustic colors, such as this duck egg blue, which will give it a sweet rustic atmosphere. Of course, traditional green or French gray will also be beautiful. If your cabin is simple, try adding fan-shaped edges or shutters to the windows to create a more old-fashioned, classic look. You can even add lattice curtains. At this time, a full-size deer statue with beautiful spots all over its body and delicate antlers approached your window, coming from the depths of the forest like an elf. . . .

5. Western garden hollow sphere bronze statue

A bronze hollow sphere, irregular hollow pattern, very elegant bronze color, and shape, which is extremely suitable for traditional European gardens, traditional European courtyards, and the geometric design of the lines is gorgeous and complex, modern and simple European design style In line with modern popular elements. This hollow bronze spherical statue couldn’t be more suitable. If it is designed in the form of a fountain, it will add a touch of movement to the European-style garden, and then add lights in the hollow design, and feel the rich classical atmosphere at night.

6. Bronze garden life-size angel statue

The bronze angel statue has beautiful wings, delicate feather patterns, and rich and beautiful meanings. The overall statue is a free and peaceful style statue, which is more suitable for placement in a French garden. This kind of garden layout is more grand and magnificent. It adopts a calm pond and a lot of flowers. At the edge of the modeling tree, it is bordered by seasonal flowers to become an embroidered painting altar. A large area of lawn is inlaid by planting shrubs and flowers. Various texture patterns. On the high platform, it is suitable for such an exquisite bronze angel garden statue.

7. Life size mermaid bronze statue for garden

The bronze mermaid statue symbolizes romance and nature. Speaking of a mermaid, we feel mysterious and associate it with water. If you have an outdoor pool or fountain in your garden, the mermaid statue is very suitable for your garden, especially It is a Mediterranean-style garden. A successful Mediterranean-style courtyard garden is a combination of two factors. One is the natural style without modification; the other is the subtle perception of colors and shapes. The mermaid bronze statue is the existence of natural style. Put it by the water, when you enjoy food in the garden, it will give you a relaxing and comfortable feeling.

8. Horse and pony bronze garden statues

There are many categories of bronze horse statues, such as Arabian horse statues, horse racing statues, ancient warhorse statues, and the warmth of horse and pony bronze statues. Horse statues are a very popular kind of animal statues and are a symbol of horse statues. With freedom, uninhibited, and various meanings, it is suitable for style decoration in various gardens. Those who pursue nature can customize this kind of horse and pony statue. For gardens with modern abstract styles, you can try the famous Botero horse bronze statue. As for the muscle lines of horse statues and the details of the various parts of the body, we have many years of experience in the Aongking statue and have a full understanding of the physical characteristics of horses. Make various styles of horse statues for your garden.

9. Ballet Dancer bronze garden statues

If your family is full of literary and artistic atmosphere, the design of the courtyard should also be full of rational romance. A beautiful bronze statue of a ballerina shows a graceful posture, matching the temperament of a garden in the revolving jumping room. Ballerina statues are suitable for gardens full of rationalism. Respect the ecological environment, landscape design grasps planning from a macro perspective, and designs according to various needs and functions with rational analysis and logical order. The simplicity of the garden landscape reflects clear concepts and thinking. The statue of the ballerina gives a more artistic expression to the deep, introverted, and quiet nature.

10. Hot sale dog bronze statue for garden

Dog statues are loyal guards of the courtyard, and dog statues of different breeds have also won people’s love. No less than having a dog. The dog statue may be used to decorate the garden, protect the family, and commemorate important pets. Dog bronze statues are suitable for gardens of various styles, such as modern gardens, featuring simple lines, easy maintenance, and easy-to-maintain modeling plants, combined with bold geometric shapes, smooth textures, and simple vegetation, plus An upright dog statue to create a garden with dramatic structure and characteristics. It looks simple, abstract, charming, and dramatic.

11. Art Bronze Three Graces statue for outdoor garden

For the overall design of the garden transformation, it is best to have a style setting, from which to choose the type of preference, and then make further adjustments. The statues full of neoclassical three graces bronze garden statues have become a suitable choice for the European garden style. The European garden style pays attention to the natural fusion of the garden’s exterior scenery, and the garden is arranged like a part of nature. The natural, innocent, simple, and energetic personalities of Europeans have a profound influence on gardens. Their understanding of the garden-style landscape is natural, enthusiastic, and full of vitality. The three goddesses of Meihui are the characters in Greek mythology who embody all the beauty of life, which fits well with European garden decoration.

12. Broken Face bronze garden statues

Abstract art has become a high-level trend in the statue world, showing different art from some irregular limbs or organs. Imagine a broken face standing in your garden. From this statue, you seem to see them thinking about life. With their guardianship in the garden, it is more vivid and meaningful. With natural flowers and plants as a cover, combined with boldface shape, smooth texture, and attractive bronze material, to create a garden with dramatic structure and characteristics, which is simple, abstract and charming, and full of drama. Use “huge simplicity” to emphasize the landscape and focus.

13. Girl angel lamp bronze statue

To create a wonderful garden, not only the light conditions of the garden must be considered, but the light conditions of different orientations may affect the aesthetics of the garden statues. Also, consider the garden at night. After all, living in the garden at night requires an atmosphere of freedom and relaxation. At this time, artistic lamp bronze garden statues are needed. The lamp statue of the little girl angel can be used as decoration. The flower bed can only plant flowers of the same color, and the plants can choose trimmed hedges and shrubs. Little angels, clay pots, European wall lamps, etc., combined with the surrounding vegetation, outlines a harmonious and beautiful garden picture at night, which is pleasing to the eye.

14.Golden buddha bronze statue

Buddhism is a large religious sect. Buddha statues are for us to meditate better, change our mood, and return to nature. Buddha statues in different countries have slight differences. Buddha statues are very suitable for traditional Chinese gardens. The garden design is deeply influenced by traditional philosophy and painting. It is a complex composed of architecture, landscape, flowers, and trees. The stacking of stones, water management, and plant configuration are all poetic and picturesque, and they pay attention to the realm of being created by human beings. In such a garden, beside the flowing water, place buddha bronze garden statues, giving people a quiet, natural state, and finding tranquility in your heart.

15.Holy family bronze garden statues

Aongking the popularization of religion, gardens have become places for people to concentrate, meditate, and worship. The design of the garden has also become more and more religious. Set up a church sculpture for the garden, or place a holy family bronze statue directly in the garden. The golden luster of bronze can bring out the sense of religious ceremony in the garden. The closeness of the statue of Jesus’ family is also a family state that many Christian families yearn for. Set off with the natural atmosphere in the garden, the belief in people’s hearts becomes stronger.

16. Garden bronze dolphin fountain

Many villa owners seem to set up a beautiful water feature in their villa garden, which is beautiful and increases the flexibility of the villa garden. The villa garden with a fountain is full of vitality. To turn a closed grass-covered villa garden into a small landscape, we only need to install a bronze dolphin fountain as a dividing line, with dense aquatic plants as the boundary element. Many dolphin statues sprayed water jets as if to tell the flowers and plants romance and mystery.

17. Bust bronze garden statues

The exquisite Bust bronze garden statues can show their functions in different forms. The garden is not only a place to relax and play but also a sacred place. Perhaps you have your original intentions and dreams, and you customize a great idol in that field. Bust to motivate yourself. The garden becomes a place full of dreams and power. Modern sculptors also made busts of many ancient mythological figures into flower pots, which are novel and interesting, making the garden environment not only natural but also retro and high-end atmosphere.

18. Equestrian bronze statue for garden

There is a garden full of natural vitality, which can make our home more dynamic and improve the quality of life. Most people will give priority to the statue decoration budget. The riding horseman bronze garden statues we recommend, the entire statue is made of high quality The bronze material, the pursuit of the most lifelike movement. Whether riding a horseman bronze is a character or a horse, is in the most natural state of movement.

19.Four seasons bronze garden statues

Whether the garden itself is ingeniously combined with the style of the entire building, it can be planned and laid out. It is very popular that various statues of women have been formed, most of which are combined with classical mythological themes. Four seasons bronze garden statues are the most classic and atmospheric combination statues. Each goddess represents the four seasons, even if the flowers and trees are withered and the snowflakes are falling, what remains unchanged is the statue scenery of the goddesses of the four seasons in your garden, which becomes the crowning decoration in the garden.

20. Abstract art bronze snake statue

Abstract bronze garden statues often mean modern art, abstract lines, and changes in shapes, giving people new perspectives from different angles. In addition to the attractive material of bronze, it adds traces of years to abstract art sculpture, which is more charming. The abstract bronze garden statue uses bold geometric shapes and a textured surface to set off the simple modeling plants in the garden to form a This kind of simple, abstract, and charming garden feature. Using the oldest materials and colors to create the most modern and fashionable shapes is the charm of abstract bronze statues.

Bronze garden statue

Bronze Garden Statue

In the selection of bronze garden statues, you need to pay attention to:

1.Before decorating the garden, the most important thing is to understand the size of the space and choose a bronze statue of the right size. If you want to install a bronze fountain statue, you should pay attention to whether there is no problem with the fluency of the drainage hole.
2.For the overall design of the garden, it is best to have a style setting. What style the statue belongs to, classic or modern, or natural, determines how to set off the style of the garden courtyard.
3.Pay attention to the light and the natural environment. Different materials of bronze statues have different changes in outdoor or indoor gardens. Its height and shelter also affect the beauty of garden viewing.

The ultimate goal of custom-made bronze garden statues is to keep the ideal of looking forward to a better world alive. A garden with bronze statues not only expresses the nostalgia of human beings for things that have been realized but also expresses their desire for things that have not yet been realized. We hope to customize our statues to create the garden country of your dreams.

You should know the classification of garden sculptures.

We should start from the following points. Such as their style, material, theme, or size. Here are some common ways to sort or categorize garden sculptures:


Figurative: Sculptures that represent recognizable figures, animals, or objects.
Abstract: Sculptures with non-representational or abstract forms and shapes.
Contemporary: Sculptures reflecting modern artistic trends and styles.
Classical: Sculptures inspired by traditional and historical art movements.


Marble: Sculptures carved from various types of stone, such as marble garden sculptures, granite, limestone, or sandstone.
Metal: Sculptures crafted from materials like bronze , steel garden sculptures, iron, or copper.
Wood: Sculptures carved from different types of wood, like oak, teak, or cedar.
Ceramic: Sculptures made from clay and fired in a kiln.
Recycled or Upcycled: Sculptures created using repurposed or salvaged materials.


Nature-inspired: Sculptures featuring motifs like flowers, leaves, trees, or animals.
Mythological: Sculptures based on mythological or legendary characters and creatures.
Spiritual or Religious: Sculptures representing deities, religious symbols, or spiritual themes.
Modern and Contemporary: Sculptures inspired by current events, pop culture, or societal issues.
Geometric: Sculptures with abstract geometric shapes and patterns.


Large-scale: Sculptures that make a bold statement and become prominent focal points in a garden or public space.
Medium-sized: Sculptures that are eye-catching but more suitable for smaller gardens or outdoor spaces.
Small or Miniature: Sculptures that can be placed on pedestals, tables, or in flower beds.


Water Feature Sculptures: Sculptures are designed as fountains or water elements in the garden.
Seating Sculptures: Sculptures that double as functional seating options.
Bird Baths: Sculptures with basins for birds to bathe and drink from.

Seasonal or Temporary:

Sculptures that change with the seasons or are meant for specific events or festivals.