large self made man clay statue
self made man bronze sculpture

The Self Made Man Bronze Sculpture is one of most successful decor art. Like many of other art works. It has also evolved from experience in life .

In order to better understand the meaning conveyed by this sculpture. I first consider the name of the sculpture” Self Made Man Bronze Sculpture”. For example, Frederick Douglass, in his lecture “Self-Made Men”, provides a definition of the term: “Self-made men are the men who owe little or nothing to birth, relationship, friendly surroundings; to wealth inherited or to early approved means of education; who are what they are, without the aid of any of the favoring conditions by which other men usually rise in the world and achieve great results.”

Just like the sculpture we see, a man sculpts himself out of stone. He is a muscular guy who carve himself out of a stone with a hammer and chisel. And below the statue, Bobbie Carlyle carved the inscription as follows” Man carving himself out of stone, carving his character, carving his future”. This is telling us that all of us must dig ourselves out of the natural rock. The purpose of life is to carve a person’s life and existence into a work of art.

In additon, we introduced to our customers the process of making bronze sculptures:
1.Firstly, In order to make the statue more vivid and lifelike, masters must be make the 1:1 clay mol.

2. Second, we do the wax mold from the clay mold.

3. Thirdly, masters do the bronze casting according to the exist wax mold.

4. Next, do the surface treatment and colors.

5. Finally, we send the finished pictures for clients final checking,

Then we would arrange the packaging & shipping after getting the clients’S final approving.

A person who relies on his own ability to achieve the future, starting from scratch but persisting in hard work is the spirit that this Self Made man statue wants to convey. So when we show it to our customer Alice, she deeply agrees that we should also check ourselves like self-made people. Always reflect on ourself and make more and more progress. A statue like this is suitable whether it is placed in the study or in the outdoor courtyard. Self Made Man Sculpture is a good moral for friends and family (like father).