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Leopards can be said to be agile hunters, athletic, agile, and fast running. He can swim and climb trees. Sensitive temperament, good sense of smell, hearing, and vision.Supernormal intelligence, strong concealment. The long tail helps the leopard keep its balance when it runs. It is also one of the few cats that can adapt to different environments. Wild art animal sculpture in the graceful and varied amorous feelings. There is also vigorous and vigorous power. Different from lace, hook flower, flow grain elegant retro. Aongking while making elaborate leopard statues. The same can be taken with the ancient Roman freehand. The bold, plain, and lively atmosphere of the leopard is integrated into every detail of the production, in today’s fast-paced life. Use bronze leopards to decorate. Take life back to nature. Aongking a lot of wildlife sculptures with a vigorous European perspective, there is no lack of exquisite atmosphere. There is dignity in the magnificence. Bronze material’s chemical heat coloring gives animals every inch of their fur. With warm tones of light. As if through the ancient forest. Will natural amorous feelings come to you tirelessly? The animal sculpture is exquisite to the bone. It is the attitude of Aongking craftsmen towards works of art. It is also the best interpretation of high-quality products.


Question 1: What is the size of the leopard sculpture?
Answer 1: The size of the leopard sculpture is (provide specific dimensions). Aongking carefully designed its size to highlight the leopard’s elegant posture and sense of power.

Question 2: What is the production process for leopard sculptures?
Answer 2: Our sculptor has crafted leopard sculptures through exquisite craftsmanship and gradual carving. From building the basic skeleton to adding details and textures, each step has undergone careful design and artistic processing.

Q3: Do you provide customized services?
Answer 3: Yes, Aongking provides customized services to customize unique animal sculptures based on your specific needs and preferences. Aongking is willing to cooperate with clients in terms of size, material, and posture to ensure that they receive sculptures that perfectly meet their wishes.


2706, 2020

Bronze Garden statues of top 20 on Aongking for you choose

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Bronze garden statues of top 20 on Aongking for you choose The blooming of the flowers is always instant, the spring light in the full garden will slowly recede, the footsteps of summer will get closer and the flowers bloom, but after this prosperous feast, there will always be a scene of permanent existence in the garden, as time goes by With the scouring of wind and rain, it is more brand-new and more charming. This scene of scenery is the bronze garden statues that decorate the garden... When decorating the house, everyone prefers to decorate a garden [...]

1311, 2019

Bronze horse head

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Bronze horse head. Creat many horse themed sculpture by Aongking. In recent years, we can often see many animal art metal sculptures in our daily life, among which bronze horse head sculpture is very common. Horses played a very important role, as the primary means of transportation, as comrades in arms on the battlefield... This is a simple image of a horse with its head straight down, creating the appearance of a relaxed animal sipping water. This drinking water bronze horse head for sale will attracted many visitors as an outdoor decoration. [...]

2509, 2008

Lion of Saint Mark Statue Holding The Holy Bible

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St. Mark and the lion Details of Lion of Saint Mark Statue: In the statue, the saint mark lion has a pair of wings, which makes him look majestic and domineering, just like a guardian. The expression is serious, the muscle lines are clear and flowing. And, the lion's mane is thick and thick, which makes it even more intimidating. The lion's Front Paw on the Gospel of Mark shows its respect for and protection of Christianity. The heavy metal color makes the sculpture more dignified, with sharp corners and vivid details. It is a [...]

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