A Beautiful Legend From The Sea–Mermaid

In the mysterious vast ocean, in ancient mythology, there is a beautiful creature, that is, a mermaid. According to legend, the mermaid is bounded by the waist, most of which are beautiful women on the upper body, and beautiful fish tails covered in scales on the lower body. The whole body is attractive and easy to escape quickly. There are many legends about the mermaid. Some people say that the mermaid used her cold and beautiful appearance and sad and moving singing to confuse the passing boatman, distract him and lose his direction, and finally sink to the bottom of the river. Some people think that mermaids symbolize beauty, they give everything for love, they are beautiful and romantic.
Mermaid appears in many arts, such as mythology, graphic arts, movies, painting art. But, when it comes to the most three-dimensional artistic expression of the image of a mermaid, it is none other than sculpture art.

The Beautiful Mermaid

Different designs of mermaid sculpture

The Mermaid Statues has many different designs, each design has a different aesthetic beauty. And, each one has a hidden touching story. For example, the Little mermaid bronze sculpture. Danish sculptor designed bronze mermaid sculpture based on Andersen’s fairy tales and his wife. The story tells the story of a mermaid who gave up everything and reunited with a young and handsome prince on land. This Barcelona sculptor Antonio Canete created The mermaid next to the coast of China, this mermaid squatted on the stone, buried her head deep in her arms, her long hair and fishtails naturally fell down. Maybe she was sad because the prince could not wait for her. Although we have never seen the face of a mermaid, we can realize its beauty and sadness from its posture. There is also a beautiful mermaid statue decorated with shells. The starfish on her hand condenses her supernatural power. And, the beautiful girl mermaid pointed at her gracefully, her fishtail was covered by her dress. . .

Different designs of the mermaid sculpture

Mermaid sculpture in different materials

Mermaid sculptures in different materials

The sculptures are made of different materials. Such as copper, marble, fiberglass, and so on. Sculptures made of each material will give people different feelings. The bronze mermaid sculptures are also divided into many colors, including blue, green, and bronze. The copper mermaid sculptures will give people a retro and realistic feeling. Each scale and the mermaid’s facial expressions are made vivid and vivid. The bronze experience wind, frost, rain, and snow will not decay. A mermaid standing in the garden is a kind of immortal and eternal beauty. A mermaid made of marble is full of whiteness and sacredness. The skin is as white as snow, smooth and textured. Entering, you can see from a distance but not playful. Most of the fiberglass reinforced plastic mermaid sculptures tend to be cartoons, with bright colors all over the eyes, showing vivid and beautiful feelings. These sculptures are a form of escape. It is more similar to the mermaid in the fairy tale.

Other forms of mermaid sculpture

The mermaid statue is not only a representation of the image of this beautiful thing. But also, a representation of a life-size garden sculpture. It can also be made into artistic fountains, wall reliefs, desktop ornaments, and so on. Mermaid art fountains are usually combined with dolphins because dolphins are also a symbol of romance and love. The water column is usually designed to spit out from the mouth of a dolphin. Or, from the lotus leaf of the shell held by the mermaid. This is a very beautiful fountain form. The relief is to decorate the empty wall, and the beautiful image of the mermaid is made into relief. It can be used to decorate the wall of the garden, the wall of the living room, or the wall of the bedroom, all of which can embellish the space and add a beautiful atmosphere. The mermaid can also be made into a small desktop ornament to decorate the desktop. . .

marble life size mermaid sculpture
marble life size mermaid sculpture
bronze mermaid fountain
fiberglass mermaid statue
marble mermaid relief
bronze mermaid fountain

How to custom-made a mermaid sculpture?

The mermaid sculpture is a symbol of beauty and beautiful decoration. What if you want to customize a mermaid sculpture? First of all, you can choose a mermaid design you like, tell us the material you want to use, the size, and the position you want to place. After we communicated and confirmed together, we started to make this mermaid sculpture.

Take the bronze mermaid sculpture as an example:
Firstly, We need to confirm the size and scale of the sculpture. Then make a 1:1 clay mold. We will send the pictures of the clay mold to the customer and keep revising them until the customer is satisfied. Secondly, Casting, Welding, and Polishing. Thirdly, Coloring and Finished installation. The color of some sculptures copper itself will be very beautiful, but more need to be sprayed with other colors to get close to the texture of the sculpture itself. Finally, when the sculpture is finished, we’ll put it in a container and ship it.

The production process of bronze mermaid sculpture

More Beautiful Mermaid Statues

Application of the mermaid sculpture
River sitting bronze mermaid

River Sitting Bronze Mermaid

Bronze double mermaid

Bronze Double Mermaid

mermaid sculpture

Mermaid Sculpture

Large mermaid bronze

Large Mermaid Bronze