There is a whole process of custom a statue from Aongking Sculpture:

Start a order of your prefer design?? We need to communicate with you about each details to discuss your ideas and requirements. A reasonable contract will be signed between the aongking and you. Before,we will offer a cost will depend on the complexity and size of the statue.
Started designing the statue??Statue of the entire process to go through a lot of working procedure. Firstly, make a outline of the statue. This is the overall design work. Thie step to meet the specific requirements of you. Also, in order to better reflect the topic content of the statue. The statue in this step will determine the future of the three-dimensional composition form, style and the expression of subject dynamic. And, whether a statue carefully design will directly affect the final result.???
2-1 : Make 1:1 clay models to fulfill all specific needs.

Aongking tell you. When choosing cast copper eternity sculptures, the following details should be paid attention to:

1.  The proportion and size of the cast copper carving: First [...]

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