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environmental sculpture


Geometric environmental sculpture in stainless steel Description: The environmental sculpture suitable for outdoor sculpture is an irregular circle as a whole, with a polyhedron composed of many triangular sections. Drawing on the style of mosaic art, each triangular section is mirrored, and when combined, it looks like the reflection of many [...]

ring steel sculpture


Abstract candy ring steel sculpture Description: When you grow up, do you miss your childhood? Do you want a sculpture that bears your childhood memories? The whole ring steel sculpture is in the shape of a ring, the surface is polished, more dreamy, like soft candy. It’s also like an inflated [...]

contracted sculpture for sale


Large art contracted sculpture for sale Description: There are many designs of contracted sculptures for sale suitable for outdoor lawn, and this stainless steel contracted sculpture for sale is the latest very simple one. It resembles two scythes of different sizes protruding from the base, and the mirror-like treatment of the [...]

stainless steel garden leaf sculpture


The maple stainless steel garden Leaf sculpture Description: Some people will ask, do you have any suitable stainless steel garden leaf sculpture? I want to answer that you don’t need advanced abstract sculpture to decorate a garden. A maple leaf sculpture is beautiful enough to suffocate. This yellow metal maple leaf [...]

stainless steel garden sculpture


Abstract art stainless steel Garden sculpture Description: This stainless steel garden sculpture has a combination of strength and space, fully showing its close relationship with the surrounding environment. These hollow Spaces and simple lines give the work an abstract theme. It’s like it’s inspired by the natural scenery. This sculpture in [...]

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