Large Outdoor Ground Decoration Popular Modern Fiberglass Carrot Sculpture for Sale

fiberglass carrot sculpture
Description: The fiberglass carrot sculpture is a striking and whimsical work of art that captivates viewers with its unique blend of realism and creativity. Standing tall and proud, this sculpture boasts a vibrant orange hue that mimics the appearance of a freshly pulled carrot from the earth. The fiberglass material used in its construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing this captivating piece to withstand the elements and maintain its stunning appearance for years to come. More types of stainless steel sculptures are waiting for you.
NO.: AK-(M1442)
MATERIAL: Fiberglass.
SIZE: Life Size Or Custom Made Depends On Your Prefer.
TECHNOLOGY: Colorful Painting/Metallic Painting/Chrome.
PACKING: Wooden Cases/Iron Boxes

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Fiberglass Carrot Sculpture Details Description:

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