The Original Curvaceous Beauty Of The Body–Aristide Maillol Sculptures

A French sculptor as famous as Rodin, Aristide Maillol, a fine art authority, commented on Maillol: “If Rodin’s ideal was to turn marble and bronze into flesh, then Maillol’s ideal was to turn flesh into marble and bronze.”
He argued that female statues should maintain a kind of purification that originated in ancient Greece and Rome, and likened the original curvilinear beauty of the female body to a part of nature.
He used the natural rhythm of the human body to symbolize a kind of architecture, a kind of nature, or an ecological phenomenon.
Although taking ancient Greece as a model, it pays more attention to simplifying and purifying the ancient tradition, thus appearing the modern tendency of highlighting the volume and volume.

Aristide Maillol sculptures

Outdoor Ornament Blanqui Monument Woman Statue

It is rare to use the female body to create a monument to a historical figure, but he has an innovative thought and unique artistic insight. Louis August Blanqui had been called by Marx as a fearless revolutionary, although suffering, the revolutionary will is strong. Maillol finally created this image of a nude woman to show the hero’s monument: an unusually sturdy, muscular woman, full of great inner strength, hands tied behind her back, turning sideways, looking back, and striding forward with a firm, powerful stride. The whole shape is full of huge explosive power, the torsion of the unyielding body symbolizes the unyielding spirit of the struggle for freedom.

Blanqui Monument sculptures

Garden Decoration The Mediterranean Sculpture

The Mediterranean sculpture

This naked woman symbolizing the “Mediterranean” has a strong body, strong limbs, and graceful posture. She supported her body with her right hand and held her lowered head forward with her left hand, with a reserved and serene expression, as if sitting on a Mediterranean beach, bowing her head and thinking.
This kind of decent turning of the big arc makes the human body appear smooth and plump, full of vigorous vitality, like the Mediterranean Sea, although the surface is calm, it contains infinite life and endless rhythm.

Large Public The River Bronze Sculpture

It is also expressed through a plump, sturdy, rounded female body. She was lying on her side, her legs bent naturally, her right hand was slightly upward, her neck and head were almost in a straight line, and her expression was joyous and intoxicated. She is an image of the mother of the earth with unlimited reproductive capacity, like a rushing river, full of healthy beauty.

Street Art The River Bronze Sculpture
Large Public The River Sculpture
Home Art The River Sculpture

There are many such works by Maillol. Such as The Night, The Mountain, The Air……They fully demonstrate the infinite charm of the nude. The human body is given such a rich and broad meaning. When people appreciate it, they can dissolve the sculpture in nature to the maximum. , And fully expand the association, excavate the deeper beauty of the work.

Aristide Maillol art sculptures

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The Mediterranean sculpture process

More Aristide Maillol Sculptures

La montagne

La Montagne