woman bronze sculpture coffee table

If you’re struggling to find a coffee table, take a look at our coffee table in Aongking. Aongkinghas many types of coffee table sculptures. Our sculpture is combined with the table, which breaks the traditional table concept and introduces a more innovative and creative coffee table. Aongking has animal coffee tables, figure coffee tables, and mermaid coffee tables… Whether you want to display it indoors or outdoors, Aongking has the coffee table sculpture you want.

Aongking has many lines of coffee tables, and each line of coffee tables is not only unique but also beautiful. Like our animal coffee table sculpture, each animal interacts with the glass surface overhead, as if the onlooker had just caught a glimpse of a hidden animal as if the animal was playing hide and seek with itself. In particular, our hippo coffee table sculpture looks like a real hippo floating on the water, it’s a very vivid image.

Bring dramatic presence to your home with our coffee table sculpture. With stunning realistic details, these coffee tables can evoke mythological scenes and feelings of warmth alike. Let our distinctive table adorn your room, and make your home also look more distinctive. Our coffee table is not just for drinking coffee, it can also be used as a great place to put your favorite objects on the table or a pot of flowers to make your room look more aesthetic. Let our coffee table sculptures enrich your residence with their extraordinary attention to detail. There are also more animal statues and figure sculptures for you to choose from.

Statue Coffee Tables