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St Michael the archangel statue

St Michael The Archangel Statue

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St Michael The Archangel Statue For Sale

Who Is St Michael?

St Michael, his name means who is like God, the Lord’s chief warrior, the supreme commander of the angels. In the Bible, he is called “one of the Chief Princes”. The only angels named in the Old Testament are Michael and Gabriel. But in The Christian culture, Michael is the most dazzling and famous archangel. He not only has the courage and incomparable power that ordinary people do not have but also has the most beautiful appearance and is very handsome. He is brave and resolute, he is also warlike, but full of compassion, holding absolute negation and ruthless annihilation of evil things, is the incarnation of “absolute justice”, without any mixed dark.

In the picture of the archangel Michael statue bronze. Aongking can see angel Michael with a long sword in his hand preparing to kill the men under his foot. In fact, it shows that St. Michael is killing the devil in order to protect world peace, and the one who is trampled under his feet is Satan. There are fewer than five verses about him, but from them, we can learn that one of his main powers was to protect himself from his enemies. One of our customers commented that the sculpture of St Michael the archangel was a protector, implying that it could protect everything and overcome all difficulties. Besides the archangel Michael statue in bronze, we also have Michael sculptures in other materials. You can choose what archangel Michael statue bronze you like to put in your home.

More Details On The Archangel Michael Statue

It’s hard to use the word “good looking” to describe the sculpture, the level of detail, the wonderful anatomy, the smooth handling, and the overall aesthetics that give this piece true art. Look at how delicate this bronze sculpture is! It is exciting to see the details on his angel wings, each feather carved in tiny detail. His armor also has ornate details. Every piece of bronze sculpture in Aongking is such a meticulous casting technique because we own professional sculptors with many years of experience.

Aongking customer told us that he just liked the beautiful bronze angel statues, especially the archangel Michael statue. Because seeing Michael made him feel safe. She thought the angel Michael statue is a mascot statue that will bring her luck. Aongking also has many sizes of st Michael the archangel statues, not the only version. You can choose the right size according to the size of your garden or outdoor space. A marble angel statue.

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St Michael the archangel bronze statue
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