St George And The Dragon Sculptrues

In history, there have been many heroic stories about warriors killing beasts and saving people. Speaking of a warrior who is also a Christian saint, we will think of Saint George. The most famous dragon slaying story in Western culture is “Saint George slaying the dragon”. This “too classic” story in the eyes of modern people can be regarded as a template for all heroes and legends: to uphold justice, save women and children, and protect innocent people. Many famous artists, painters and sculptors took the story of St. George and the dragon as their source of inspiration and created paintings and sculptures,about St. George and the Dragon sculpture, St. George statue, and St. George Killing the Dragon sculpture. As a tribute to the warriors.

siant george picture

What does St George slaying dragon mean to the British?

modern st george kill dragon

Modern St George Kill Dragon

There are different opinions about the legend of Saint George slaying the dragon. Legend has it that there is a castle in Europe and the daughter of the castle owner is very beautiful and kind. When the dragon learned about it, he threatened the castle to offer its daughter as a sacrifice to it. Just when the dragon was about to receive this “sacrifice”, the knight of God, Saint George, suddenly appeared in the name of the Lord, and after a fierce battle , Finally eradicating the extremely ferocious dragon, and at the same time the dragon blood gradually formed a cross shape. The red cross of the British flag comes from here. During the Third Crusade, the Lionheart King Richard I led the army and won the victory at Yakang, which is known as St. George’s Dragon Slaying Ground. The Lionheart believed that it was St. George’s sheltering them. George is considered to be the patron saint of Britain, and St. George’s Cross has also become an important coat of arms and part of the national flag of later generations of Britain. And every April 23rd, “St. George’s Day” has also become an important holiday in England.

What are the designs of st george and the dragon sculpture?

The st george and the dragon sculpture occupies a special place in the religious fanaticism of Eastern Christians in Central Asia. At the same time, he is also a hero in various local legends. In order to commemorate the great deeds of the hero, many sculptors have made sculptures of Saint George and the dragon, every design has different characteristics.

1. The monument of Saint George killing the dragon

This monument is considered a masterpiece of Gothic style. This bronze sculpture of Saint George and the Dragon is displayed in a surprisingly lively manner. The image of St. George is a soldier riding on a horse. When the dragon tried to bite his leg, he inserted the spear into the dragon’s mouth, and the dragon’s tail was wrapped around the horse’s leg. Statues of saints on horseback are set in a rocky landscape, surrounded by plants and images of snakes, lizards and frogs.

high st george

st george and the dragon sculpture

Saint Georges combattant le dragon

Saint Georges Combattant Le Dragon

2. St George slaying the dragon marble relief by michel colombe

Michel Colombe making a marble altarpiece for the high chapel at the Chateau de Gaillon, dedicated to st george and the dragon sculpture, patron saint of Cardinal d’Amboise. Saint George shown on the relief appears as a modern warrior. The dragon in the distance bit the spear of Saint George in his mouth, and there is a woman watching in the distance. The relationship between the characters on this marble relief and the display of the movements of the picture are all carved vividly.

3. st george and the dragon sculpture by C.L. Hartwell

This bronze life-size st george and the dragon sculpture is black all over, with a black texture shining in the sun. St. George’s Two front legs were raised, St. George held the reins in one hand, and pierced the dragon’s mouth with the spear in the other. The dragon’s entire body was under the horse. The movements are smooth and there is a degree of relaxation.

4. st george and the dragon sculpture at State Library of Victoria

Saint George removed the dragon for a Libyan community, and out of gratitude, the people in the town converted to Christianity. Joseph Edgar Boehm carved this inspiring moment of bravery on this bronze st george and the dragon sculpture and erected it in the front yard of the National Library of Victoria. This sculpture is majestic and majestic. The muscles and contours of Saint George and the horse are both toned, and the scales of the dragon are also mottled. The overall sculpture is very real, and even gives people the illusion that it is real.

The monument of Saint George killing the dragon Cluj Napoca

Saint George Killing The Dragon Cluj Napoca

How to make a bronze st george and the dragon sculpture?

2018, a client wanted to customize a st george and the dragon sculpture in his church for decoration. Our client sent us his prefer design. Confirming the size in 220 cm and materials in bronze. We started making the bronze sculpture:

1.Our factory make 1:1 clay mold until customer confirmed.

2. Casting, Welding and Polishing for bronze st george and the dragon sculpture

3. Coloring and package

4. Finished installation

casting bronze statue

Upgraded lost wax casting technique

Modern steel sculpture with the theme of “St George And The Dragon Statues

st george theme modern sculpture

St Ggeorge Theme Steel Modern Sculpture

An artist in Western Australia created an 18-meter modernist sculpture with the theme of “St George And The Dragon Statues”. The sculpture is called Ascalon, named after the spear that St. George used to kill the dragon. The slanted pole, white wavy object and black base represent St. George’s spear, his cloak, his horse, and the defeated dragon corpse. It can be seen that St. George and the Dragon not only occupies an important position in religious churches, or shows many sculptures in the image of warriors, but also brings a lot of inspiration to steel modern art sculptures. The integration of sculpture will continue to flow and develop in the sculpture art world. . .